Hi , my name is Lucia but you can call me Luchi o Lu whatever you like. I'm 16 years old but next month I'll turn 17. I don't want to bother you with the typical things somebody says when their doing a presentation about themselves such as where they’re from or with who I live. I can tell that I love music with all of my heart and soul , i love read any tipe of book , my zodiac sign is Taurus ; but I don't believe that's interesting for you ... . In the next paragraphs I'm going to tell you about some decisons I took throught my short life , trying to find an answer been looking for a long time : was it for good or bad?
I don't believe in coincidens because I believe everything happens for a reason. The structure of all the bad moments in my life have created a part of me , my way of being , they give me a part to think and divide how I'm doing it right now. I consider myself a strong person , but there are time where the strength and pride just goes away, leaving me with a space of vulnerability. That's the momento where I ask myself , why?.

Between house moves, school changes, neighborhood changes, bullying , divorces, deaths of close friends and many other bad moments of my life were when I least thought I was going to overcome them. I felt like anger consumed me while outside trying to keep a smile. I felt the world against me.
Since then, starting to incorporate positivity into my life was the best thing I could do. I knew that every moment is to learn, to grow and to learn no to fear.

Hi weheartit lovers! so this is something i wanted to do a long time ago but I didnt have the guts to do it , till I decide the time was now. I decide to use this space to "take out" all the things I wanted to say but I didn't at the time. I really apologize about my english , I know is not the best but hey I'm trying.
Loves to everyone , bye !