This is my first article and I kind of fully freaked out when I couldn't find a bridal channel but nobody panic! There's a wedding channel - so all is well within my brain.

Oh, sure, 'wedding' doesn't have the pizzazz that the word bridal has but what can you do.

So anyway, I am writing this article to let you all know that I think Elie Saab needs to be stopped because I may or may not faint if the next collection is even a smidge better than this one. He's just simply incredible.

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I think this one is my favorite

For this season, the collection was inspired by the balls in Vienna. They're an Austrian tradition for high society. Google it. I low-key want to go to one. What came out of this inspiration were glorious gowns featuring Saab's signature lace and embellishments.

Each one of these dresses would totally be fit for a princess - Grace Kelly vibes, anyone?

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Those chandeliers in the background? Yes, I think they're perfect, too. And who is that model? She's amazing.
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I've heard people say that the flowers-in-the-hair trend is out now. They probably haven't seen this collection.

As someone who's interned in bridal, I for one know just how hard it is to make a wedding dress. Elie Saab's opulent creations, though, are on a whole new level. I mean, the intricate beading on just one of the dresses would have taken at least two weeks. It's kind of painful to think about.

So, yeah. I'll conclude this first article of mine by saying that Elie Saab is rather spectacular. And, yes, I will probably end up doing more articles on his (and his incredible team's) work in the future.

You can check out the whole collection on because, let's face it, you know you want to.

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I digress.

So, until the next time, pretties,

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