Wow, today has been crazy. As I mentioned in my last article, I attended an event today that teaches you leadership skills and the inner workings of the legislative branch of the United States by putting it's participants through a mock legislative session. In other words, I have spent all day reading an analysis and talking amongst my simulated caucus to prepare ourselves for a debate and a personal speech tomorrow. Not only will there be a debate and speech, but the event is also hosting a meet and greet with some prestigious politicians in my area. I don't know about you, but public speaking and socializing in general, let alone with some extremely important people, is sorta petrifying to me. I've spent the last few hours both researching for the bill I'm trying to pass, and looking up tips on how to make a good impression. So here are the things I want to do tomorrow:

A Firm Handshake

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You all know this is the first step. It's important to appear warm and open but confident in your ability to lead and take charge. That's a tough one for me when I'm a pro at doing the limp handshake that reminds you of a pool noodle. BUT I need to be confident in my abilities so from now on... no more pool noodle.

Make Eye Contact

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This is BY FAR the hardest thing for me. I can't really explain why, it's just a known fact. I am determined to do better tomorrow.

Use the Person's Name

It sounds so basic I wasn't going to put this one on the list at first, buuuuut I could definitely use a little work on repeating a person's name. You all know you get a little special feeling when someone says your name, it's a fact folks. :P

Introduce with a Compliment First Then Make Them Laugh

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Start out with a compliment first to bond and allow the person to not view you as a "threat." Then it's safer to make a joke, especially if you're teasing the person, which can be a risky trade. This is also a hard one because I don't consider myself to be a super funny person. Random, yes. Weird, yes. Funny, ehhhhhhh. But tomorrow I will EMBODY funny. Oh boy.

I'll end with a quote to sum up what I think is the most important thing... LISTEN and ENGAGE

To be interesting, be interested.
- Dale Carnegie

Day Recap:

  • Woke up
  • Got ready for the event, didn't have time for morning routine
  • Attended event
  • Read The Lord of the Flies for Brit Lit
  • Hung out with family, watched Youtube
  • Ate dinner
  • Researched for event and charisma tips
  • Watched an episode of When Calls the Heart
  • Took a shower and got ready for bed

Did I do what I said yesterday I would do? I think I did pretty well, room for improvement. I spoke up first to a few kids and even found a nice student to spend the day with, but I do feel as though I could have been more present and talkative with those around me.
How did I fail today? I didn't get all the school done that I should've, I was so tired from being away all day
How did I succeed today? I was brave, stepped out of my comfort zone, and acted as a witness to my beliefs with a super nice student at the event
Tomorrow I will: 100% NAIL my speech, and make a good impression with the VIP speakers coming to the reception.

Thanks again for sticking around in the construction zone :P

Um bye.