dude wtf i told you not click on this.
wow im very disappointed

i would've done the same, to be honest.



i was thinking (i know, im surprised too) and you know what? i am going to move to canada.

why? just cause

how? i have no clue

when? beats me

i'm just going to move to canada because i want to.

wouldn't it be great if life worked like that? but nooo, there are too many variables that will change by doing one thing.

that sucks.

have you ever craved an adventure or wanted to act recklessly so badly? like you almost break down because you want it so bad but you can't have it? you could do it, but you can't.

anyways, do you have some cool music? i've kinda been stuck on the same couple songs and i wanna look for something new and fresh. i'm open to anything. seriously. my music taste goes from musicals to screamo metal so i'm open-minded.

on that note, maybe we can be friends? i have friends and i love them so so so much but wouldn't it be nice to have a friend not from a selected few?
this is the internet and it has more people than my school.

but if you do wanna be my friend (which is unlikely), there are a few requirements:

1.) a weird sense of humor
1.5.) knowledge in vines and/or memes
2.) good music taste
3.) woke-ness
4.) kindness in your heart

that's pretty much it.

benefits from being my friend:

1.) i can probably make you laugh
2.) i have an unlimited supply of love and affection
3.) if you're having a bad time, i will not give up on you
3.5.) i'm here to talk if anything is bothering you
4.) i'm open minded
5.) i'm gucci

that's the basics.

anyways, i'm real sleepy so i'm logging off
hmu if you wanna be friends
or something
i dunno