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I ruined a lot of people's happiness and it made me feel good. Addison was in jail and not going to get out in, worst case scenario for me, 10 years. But the damage will already be done. It was simple to frame Addison.

Here's a flashback on how I killed Mason. I'd rate it a 3/5.

The only disappointment was Mason helped me along with the deed. I got to him and he was already drugged with a pistol waiting to be used. Before I got to his place, we texted for a while. He initiated the conversation. It started like this

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and ended like this

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He took it seriously. I mean, I wasn't not serious. But I didn't know how serious he was.

I dragged him outside and into the quiet of the woods. He was quite emotionless which took away the fun of it. It was a high kill. I took his pistol and whipped him in the face with it. He barely fought back. "I'm not a masochist," he said. "Well, I'm a sadist," I replied. I hadn't used a gun before, but I figured now was the perfect opportunity. He was going to shoot himself, so obviously that's how he wanted to go. I'll practically be doing him a favor. I took it out from his pocket. It felt empowering to hold the steel killer. I walked a few feet away, examining the gun. I got comfortable with it in my hand and turned around. He sat up to wipe blood from his eyes and I aimed for the right part of his skull to kill him rather instantly. I pulled the trigger. His brains spewed out and his body fell back, limp onto the woodsy ground. I smirked, impressed with my newly found skill. I put the gun in the back of my jeans and covered it with my shirt. I walked over to him and ripped his heart out. I ate it, but savored the taste. He was definitely blood type AB+.

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Ivy's next. I applied my red lipstick, checked myself out in the mirror one last time, and was on my way to the bonfire. This kill was going to be better. And tomorrow I'll wake up an advanced cheerleading woman.