I am aware of the current opinions of products mentioned. I either do not use these products anymore or I am using them fully through before repurchasing replacements so nothing is wasted

Hi Lovelies,

My friends and family always compliment on my skin and how clear and vibrant it is. I found it only fitting to share with all of you what I like to do as part of my everyday skincare routine. I will also be making this article the part one of "Sam's Skincare Chronicles" so if you are interested be sure to stick around for more articles in the future as well as my favorite face masks!

It wasn't until six grade that I began my skincare journey. I was a very awkward preteen, taller than all the other kids and my boobs were developing faster than my body could adjust to. Along with puberty and pre-adolescence was acne or in my case the occasional breakouts along my forehead and by the sides of my face (still the most common location of my breakouts). That was normal in my eyes and my tomboyish fashion sense did not seem to mind the whiteheads hiding under my bangs.

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It wasn't until my sister took me for my bi-weekly threading appointment in order for me to divide my eyebrows into slaying brows. The eyebrow technician grew concerned as she was threading my brows because dead skin began to flake down my face from my eyebrow area. This was when my sister declared we were taking a trip to Ulta. We explained everything to the employee at the store as she brought us around to various products before I finally came to the conclusion of the Mario Badescu Regimen Kit which would help dip my toes into the water of skincare. I also invested in the Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash to assist in ridding my skin of the dry flakes.

Years later my skincare routine as evolved into a much more problem focused regimen. I have combination skin and for those of you that are unaware, that means I have an oily t-zone (forehead to chin) and normal to dry cheeks. Currently my holy grail is not a product, but a spin brush. I highly recommend investing in a spin brush whether it be the Clarisonic or the Vanity Planet. My face brush was gifted to me from my lovely sister who continues to encourage my skin care journey. I use the Vivitar Cleansing Brush which I found retails for an average of $15.00 or £10.49/€12.12.

Moving on to cleansing, my current and favorite cleanser is the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser which is a foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. It does have fragrance included in it but is also dermatologist tested unlike many Mario Badescu products. It works great for my skin and keeps it clear and soft. The average retail is $8.00/£5.63/€6.46 it does differentiate between $7.49 at drugstores such as Rite Aid to even $10.00 at shops like Ulta.

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Next after every cleansing and closing of my pores, I like to tone. Toner is super important in order to even out your skin tone and even minimize pores depending on the toner that you have. I use the Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner.

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I let my toner sit until dry for a few minutes, tidy up my room, before I moisturize. My current moisturizer is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion which is very lightweight and keeps my skin glowing all day!

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You do not need a lot of product when it comes to this moisturizer. This retails for around $15.00 and although it's a bit pricey for my budgeting friends, one fragment of a pump can last you the entire day. Of course you can't forget SPF!

My favorite facial sunscreen is a repeated brand my lovely hearters That's right, it's Neutrogena. More importantly the Neutrogena Age Shield Face Lotion. Full spectrum protection with an SPF of 70. (make sure you're makeup and regular sunscreen provide the recommended minimum of SPF 30!) The product also advertises as Anti-Aging Protection, and in regards to sun protection you can't go wrong there!

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At night time, I switch out my sunscreen with my Mario Badescu salicylic acid infused Spot Treatment for any whiteheads and other pimples. This minimizes the size of my pimples until they fully disappear from the depth of my pores. The high-end brand does market this at Ulta for at least $17.00, it's a freakishly small bottle that gets the job done.

I hope you all enjoyed a little insight into my skincare routine. Let me know what you thought of this and a face masks article is coming soon!