We met in August.

It was hot. And I was nervous.

My first day at work. After been living abroad for almost a year.

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I saw your face and I didn't see a person. I saw an angel.

Tall. Fit. Blonde hair. Blue eyes.

Oh, your eyes. They are so blue I feel I can drown in them.

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I really cannot say why I didn't feel it talking about my boyfriend with you.

You helped me out there. Made a place where I felt good eventhought I was so lost.

You usually talked to me about her. Your girlfriend. And everytime I felt something on my stomach. I didn't like her. Why? Well...

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Months passed, we barely saw each other outside our office. But we usually talked on the phone. I really liked it. I wished there was a time when we finally get to meet outside those four walls.

And the day came.

It was a dinner for the employees. We had dinner with the rest of our collegaes and then it came up:

Guys, I'm heading home

Yeah, me too. I'm tired.

We were alone. On a Monday night in the city centre.

Not gonna lie to you, I was totally nervous.

We came home past 6AM.

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Then, a breakdown.

I was having a really bad time then, you were the first one who helped me. Who called me and said Girl, put some fancy clothes on, we're going out.

From that moment our relationship changed. Totally. We were much closer and couldn't help it making smirks when you talked about her.

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Few months later I was at work, feeling down again. I have been dumped, wow.

Don't worry, you're so pretty. You'll find someone who treats you better soon. Let's start the research tonight. Drinks are on me!

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I really hated going out with you, funny uh? After a couple drinks I always ended up hugging you, saying how important you were for me. And you did the same. But the day after, we never talked about those things and I felt so stupid.

But that night, oh that night...

After been dancing and drinking for several hours, really without knowing how, you told me you loved me.

I couldn't react. Couldn't move. I was just thinking but you have her.

Please, don't do this to me Maybe it was the phrase I said the most that night I feel the same for you, but we can't

I know You constantly said And I feel terrible doing this to you, but I really want to kiss you

After some free drama from both of us, we kissed. And it fetlt so good and so wrong at the same time.

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You were with her, we were collegaes at work, we were really drunk... it couldn't end well...

But it did.

You left her. You chose me. Now we keep this relationship like a secret at work. Have fun togheter. We have plans.

And we're gonna make them true.

Because, as you said, we have already waited for too long.

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