im drunk
and i'm restless
singing to american wedding
frank ocean of course
don't steer me off course
i need to get where i'm going

whats mine is yours
whats yours is mine
or so i thought
but jesus christ dont break my heart
i cant bear to see me part
from you

the worlds spinning round me baby
i thinj its gonna drive me crazy
i hang one leg off my bed
trying to stay balanced in this spinning world
baby, is world war 3 starting?
because if not, it's starting in my head
and in my bed

i stay up late fantasizing about you
you make me tingle and smile
i haven't felt that in a while
i'm drunk and i'm still thinking bout you
oh oh oh no i'm thinkin bout you
the skies are never grey
but why do you make me mad

i feel like ripping my clothes off and running
running till i cry
running till i feel
i'm drunk and i'm feeling everything
world war 3 playing in my mind
i dont wanna die
but i'm not scared to fly
i feel my heartbeat and stand tall on my feet
fuck the man
i want peace