Hello Darlings

Welcome to day 13. Like always, thank's for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.

Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

i. Overthinking

Let's be honest here, overthinking kills happiness. One of my biggest flaws is the fact I overthink everything. I overthink every little thing I do and think about it years later. I constantly create problems for myself.

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ii. Memory

I'm the worst at remembering things. I forget to do almost everything

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iii. in denial

Another thing I'm known for. I actually like being in denial about a few things as I don't like facing the truth

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iv. focus

I have a really hard time staying on task. I lose focus rather quickly and daydream easily. I get behind on my work because I'm always distracted.

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v. Riverdale

Okay...so this is the silliest out of the 5. Riverdale is my guilty pleasure and I slightly hate that I give them views. I always critique the show and talk about how bad it is yet I tune in every Wednesday.

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I honestly only watch it for choni and falice, the rest can choke

Thank you for reading, tune in tomorrow for part 14.

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