This story happens to take place the summer before my junior year of high school. Also, this is going to be long because a lot happened and we barely got sleep. Just a warning. It was myself and five friends, Tony, Charlie, Dana, Sam, and Selena (these are real names but names are needed when telling this story). It was summer break, however, Tony, Charlie, and I had summer school. Tony and Charlie’s classes began at 8 AM, but mine started at 10 AM. You wouldn’t think to go out on what was basically a school night, right? Apparently not for Charlie.

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I was already home from summer school and I was waiting for dinner to be done when I get a text from Charlie asking if I wanted to go out tonight. Not long after, he called my phone and I answered. He explained that his parents were out of town for the week and left him with his family’s van. He wanted to go out to San Francisco around 11 PM, but he didn’t want to go alone. It was a lot of back and forth conversation of seeing who else could go, because I didn’t want to go just the two of us while we would be able to fit more people into the van. After a few hours, we got a confirmation of Tony, Dana, Sam, and Selena being able to come.

(Our other friend, Karl, was going to go, but he got caught.. lol)

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I told them I wouldn’t be able to be picked up until around 11, because I knew for sure that my dad would be sound asleep. I waited nervously for hours until they told me they were outside. ‘Outside’ being down the street, almost around the corner. I was so scared that someone in my house would wake up and ask why I was dressed like I was going to leave. I tiptoed through my house, with my shoes in my hand because I decided that it was better to put it on once I got outside instead of accidently stepping too loud. I left through the back sliding door and hopped over my side fence. It was a mess. But then, I saw the van was parked under a street light and my not-that-athletic ass ran towards it. They slid the door open and I hopped in.

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Everyone was already in the car, except Dana so we had to drive to her house to pick her up. Once we picked Dana up, we headed towards San Francisco. We weren’t new to the city, as we lived relatively close to it, but Charlie drove us around as if he was our tour guide, showing us certain sites and giving us random facts about them. We drove to two places, one giving a view of the Bay Bridge, and the other giving a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We took a bunch of pictures of each other, and Tony thought it would be funny if he pretended to accidentally fall off the cliff (when we were looking at the Golden Gate Bridge).

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The final stop to our adventure in SF was a beach at 2-2:30 AM. I can’t recall the name of the beach, but it was so much fun going despite the cold weather and the fact that none of us brought bathing suits or towels. Dana, Sam, Selena, and I ran towards the ocean and soaked our feet in the water, while the boys stayed back. I was wearing adidas sweatpants at the time, so I simply unzipped the bottom and folded up. We were snapchatting all over the place as the waves crashed our legs… until Sam fell. We all exclaimed her name and laughed, trying to help her get up, taking that as a sign to go.

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Charlie, the gentleman and maker of anything that he is, gave Sam his hoodie to wear as makeshift pants. And you know how I helped? I decided to help her pants dry by tying them to the roof of the van. It was working out smoothly and we were on our way back home, until 10 minutes in that Sam realizes her keys are in her pants. Charlie pulled over and Sam decided it was fine that her pants were wet, the two made an agreement that she’d give back the hoodie on a later date.

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Sam and Dana were the first two to leave, scared to get caught by their strict parents and didn’t want to take any close calls. That left myself, Selena, Tony, and Charlie. The sun was about to rise as it was almost 5-5:30 AM, and Selena began to act hysterical (probably from lack of sleep). Charlie took a detour to his second home (like that’s not a figure of speech, his literal second home) to grab some money and a change of clothes, all while Selena was chatting about she was hungry. That’s when I got the idea to convince Charlie to take us to Denny’s.

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We were at Denny’s for an hour. The four of us split into two duos, sharing orders with each other; Selena and Tony sharing some nachos, while Charlie and I shared my favorite go-to order of cinnamon bun pancakes (not sure if they’re still called that). We talked about whatever and rewatched the snapchats from the previous hours. It was my grand idea and Tony’s support of daring Selena eating at least one chip with everything that came with the platter… and syrup. She did it, we scrunched our noses and laughed. We dared her to do something unappetizing again.. to eat a spoonful of sour cream, which now that I look back at it, isn’t that bad.

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The sun was getting almost too bright for us, four sleep-deprived, exhausted, full children. Charlie first dropped off Selena, then Nick, and then I. We had leftover pancakes, and I knew my dad was awake by that time so I knew if he saw me with Denny’s, I would be caught so I let Charlie take them home.

I went back into my house through the garage and in case my dad saw me, I grabbed my pennyboard and speed-walked (being careful of the volume of my steps) to my room. Luckily, no one had peered out their rooms. I placed my skateboard in the corner and I hurriedly put on my pajamas before hopping into bed.

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That’s when I realized I still had sand between my toes and I was awake for a good 30 minutes shaking sand off my feet, and while checking if everyone got home safe and if they didn’t get caught. I fell asleep around 7:30 and once I woke up, it was by my grandmother telling me I needed to get up for summer school. Thankful that I at least got two hours of sleep, while (I found out later) Charlie and Tony slept through their classes.

If you sat through this whole story, thanks for reading! This is my first ‘article’ and I think it turned out fun and suitable. I’ll probably make more storytime articles like this or articles in general, so if you’re interested then follow. Thank you (:

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