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Colleen Hoover is one of my favorite Young Adult/New Adult Romance authors. I have read almost all of her books and decided to write a review on them. The first book I've read from her was Ugly Love and I was hooked immediately. I was addicted and couldn't stop reading. That's why she's my favorite Romance author, she made me read her books one after one. I love the passion she conveys in her words, the beautiful writing style and the depths of the connections she establishes between her characters. My favorite book from her so far is It Ends With Us. The books in the review are not written in any particular order.

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This novel was my favorite from Hoover until I read It Ends With Us. I was trusting Colleen's writing implicitly and did not read any review or description about the book and I'm glad I did that, because I had a full experience when reading it. While I was reading November 9 my heart was racing the whole time. It's such a unique story, and it took me by surprise over and over again. I loved it.

》 The book is about Ben, an aspiring novelist and Fallon, a girl that's about to have a cross-country move. Fallon meets Ben on her last day in L.A. and they're attracted to each other immediately which leads Fallon to spend the whole day with him. But is that day enough for them? Could they proceed with their life knowing they won't see each other again? 《

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2. Ugly Love

This was the first book I read by Colleen, I was contemplating whether to read it or not and thank God I did. Ugly Love is beautiful, sexy and heart-wrenching.

》Tate meets Miles when she moves in with her brother for a fresh start. He's a pilot as her brother. He's her brother's best friend. And he lives next door. They have a mutual attraction and once they realize that they come up with a perfect plan. He doesn't want love and she doesn't have time for love. Their arrangement could be seamless, as long as Tate sticks to the two rules Miles has for her:

Never ask about the past.
Don’t expect a future. 《

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3. Confess

This book was remarkable just as all of her other books. It's a romance but also a heart-wrenching story of survival, courage and hope.

》Auburn, the protagonist, has suffered a lot in her teenage years and now as an adult, she is still struggling with her life. She is desperately in need for income and that's why she needs a job. She finds her job in a building, which exterior except for the sign "Help Wanted" is covered with deepest, darkest confessions of people. When she signed up for the job she definitely didn't expect herself to be falling for the talented and handsome artist Owen Gentry. As we read we realize that the both of them have secrets which, if confessed threaten to destroy their relationship.《

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This book was also made in a show.

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4. Hopeless and Losing Hope

If you decide to read these books be prepared for a roller-coaster of emotions. This book blew me away, after reading it I literally threw the book in my roommate’s face shouting "Read it! You should totally read it!”

》When Sky meets Holder her life changes. He's the first guy to make her heart skip a beat and the first guy who really makes her feel. Dean Holder is a mysterious boy with a touch of a bad boy but once the mystery unwrapped I was totally surprised. This story is about love and survival, hope and healing. It's about being strong. I absolutely loved Sky and Holder's story and that's why after I read it I started reading Losing Hope.《

I’ve been looking for you my whole damn life.

Losing Hope is the same story as Hopeless but in Holder's point of view.

But I'm not falling in love with her piece by piece anymore. I'm in love with the whole girl. Every single piece of her. - Holder

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5. Finding Cinderella

This story is a companion novel to the Hopeless series but can be read as a standalone. It's a small novel but a very beautifully written one. I swear Colleen Hoover is an amazing author. I don't know how she does it but every book I read by her makes me fall in love with the characters and the story. Daniel and Six are amazing, they're funny and their chemistry is just swoon worthy. I was grinning the whole time until things started going down and then I was sitting on the edge, praying for things to be right again. When I finished reading it I was so sad it was over.

》Daniel and Six accidentally meet in a janitor closet, it's dark and they can't see each other, they don't know one another. They connect immediately, but their time together is over too soon. Daniel keeps looking for his Cinderella. About a year later they meet again, they hit it off and start spending time together. Neither one of them knows that the person they're seeing is the same person from the janitor closet.《

I'm into you because you're awesome, and because you let me accidentally touch your boob.
- Daniel

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6. It Ends With Us

This is my favorite one. If you haven't read it stop what you're doing, go find it and read it. I mean it! You can find it online and read it. It's a very powerful book, it's the kind of book I want to give to every person out there and say "Read it! It's a must."

Colleen Hoover writes magic, you don't need a blurb or to know what this book is about. All you need to know is that it's a Colleen Hoover's book. Seriously, after reading just 2 or 3 of her books I stopped reading the blurb and the feeling of just diving into a book without knowing a thing about it is awesome.

Once you start reading this book you won't be able to put it down. I never thought I would be proud of a heroine in a book, but Lily Bloom is the character you'll be proud to read about. Her story has a powerful message. I was bawling my eyes out several times through reading this book.

》 Lily never had it easy in her life and once she meets Ryle, their relationship seems too good to be true. Even though the two have an immediate connection, they decide to take things slow. As their relationship pushes forward she finds herself thinking about her past and her first love, Atlas. The same Atlas that comes back in her life and becomes a threat to her relationship with Ryle.《

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I could write a whole article just about this book and how much I love it, but you need to read it. I promise you're going to love it.

7. Slammed Series: Slammed, Point of Retreat and This Girl.


》Layken and her family move to a town after her father's death. She needs to be strong for her mother and brother. There, she meets her new neighbor Will Cooper, a 21-year-old attractive boy with a passion for slam poetry. Just after days of knowing each other they feel a connection and their journey begins from there. And let me tell you the road for them is not nice and easy, on the contrary it's hard, with a lot of bumps making their relationship to stop even before it begins.《

So you keep your ocean, I'll take the Lake. - Will Cooper

Point of Retreat - this is the second book of the Slammed series, you need you read Slammed first in order for this book to make sense.

I’ll never be able to give you everything you deserve, but I’ll definitely spend the rest of my life trying.

This Girl - this is the third book of the Slammed series, Will tells the story of their complicated relationship from his point of view.

Two more seconds without touching her and I. Will. Die.

I enjoyed reading about the story of Layken and Will. How Colleen Hoover comes up with such amazing novels is out of this world, you won’t regret reading the Slammed series.

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8. Too Late

This book is my least favorite from her books. It's just so different from all her books and very dark. I think that the characters were underdeveloped. The main character, Sloan was very annoying to read. Asa, her boyfriend turned from a possessive, aggressive and jealous boyfriend into a psychopath. And don't let me start on the ending and the plot twist, it was just too much.

》Sloan is living with her violent and abusing boyfriend, Asa. She can't find a way out and will not find a way out until she meets Carter. She’s very weak but finds her strength when she meets Carter. 《

Love. Love is not found. Love finds.

Warning: This books contains scenes with depict rape, murder and other graphic violence.

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9. Never Never series

》Silas and Charlie are friends since childhood who are very much in love. However, one day at school something happens and they lose their memory. They have no idea where they are, who they are and what to do. 《

There are three books of the Never Never series and they are connected. The books are like a puzzle, no matter how close Silas and Charlie get there's always something that makes them fall apart all over again and gets them to the beginning.

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Colleen wrote these books along with Tarryn Fisher.
Image by Denisse Oleson

10. Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday is the first book of the Maybe series.

》 Sydney is a dedicated student, her life is ideal, she's living with her best friend and has a great boyfriend, and she's in love with the music that comes from the balcony opposite hers. But then her great boyfriend turn out not to be so great when he cheats on her. The attractive man behind the music, Ridge, gives her hope that she could move on as they start writing music together. However, moving on leaves Sidney to only hope for Maybe Someday. 《

People don't get to choose who they fall in love with. They only get to choose who they stay in love with.

11. Maybe Not

This is the second book of the Maybe series. The book is about Warren and Bridgette, characters that appear in Maybe Someday. Warren is Ridge's best friend and Bridgette is their roommate.

She’s so confusing. She’s so frustrating. She’s so damn unpredictable. She’s nothing I’ve ever wanted in a girl. And absolutely everything I need.
- Warren.

》 Warren is happy about the opportunity to live with a woman. He's excited. But turns out that Bridgette is cold and hates Warren with a passion. However, the tension between the two of them is high and undeniable.
Will Bridgette find it in herself to warm her heart to Warren?
Maybe Not. 《

"It’s hard to fall in love with assholes, Warren."
“Maybe you just haven’t met the right asshole yet.”

That's all, for now. I haven't read Without Merit, yet. And Colleen announced that All Your Perfects would be published on July 17th. I'll do a review on them after I read them.
Thank you very much for reading this article. As long as Colleen keeps writing I'll keep reading her books and recommending them. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed writing it.