Hello, hearters! Happy Wednesday! So, for all my college friends out there, it's the end of the semester and the struggle to stay motivated is real. We all want it to be summer and want school to be over, but we still have another couple of weeks. We have projects, essays, tests, and finals coming up and no motivation to get up, get out, and study. Luckily, here are five tips and tricks to help you get through the rest of the semester.

How To Stay Motivated During The End of The Semester.

Number 1: Create a Schedule.

This can be a sleep schedule, study schedule, hang out schedule, anything. In making this, it can help you plan out the last few weeks of school so you know what to look forward to. If you plan out these next few weeks, you're more motivated to follow through with these plans. Don't make it an out of sight out of mind situation. Make multiple copies so you can see it more than once throughout the day.

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Number 2: Use Quotes.

I know I always say this, but the best way to get motivated is to look at quotes that will put you in a positive and productive mindset. If you put quotes on your walls, binder, and notebooks, you'll be more likely to enter that mindset and remind you to stay motivated. Use quotes that will make you smile, feel empowered, and remind you to keep going.

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Number 3: Work Out.

Okay, so working out isn't always fun and it sometimes makes you tired, but if you work out, you'll have a clear mind and the endorphins will make you happier. Working out will help you stay focused and energized during the end of the semester. You're less likely to feel sluggish and more likely to get things done. Working out is hard. If you can tackle a good work out, you can tackle the end of the semester with no problems.

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Number 4: Give Yourself Time To Relax.

Stress doesn't help. At all. Trust me. Remember to pamper yourself from time to time. Take naps, take long hot baths, wear face masks, go shopping, watch a movie or show on Netflix, do anything that you know will help you relax. If you have school on your mind the whole time, your mind will be muddled, which could lead to more anxiety and some health problems.

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Number 5: Print Out Pictures.

One thing I love to do when it gets closer to summertime is to print out pictures that will motivate me. Pick pictures of the beach, water, fruits, amusement parks, anything that motivates you to finish the semester strong. This helps remind me that even though these last few weeks will feel insanely long, summer will be here faster than I think. It reminds me that I'm almost at the finish line. Plus, they're pretty pictures, too.

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That was it. :) I hope these helped you in some way, shape, or form. You're almost done. School is almost over and summer will welcome us with open arms. Hopefully. Spring has to welcome us first or resign and let summer take over.

Like always, I hope you have an amazing rest of your day and week.



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