Hi everyone,
So I found a really amazing post by @enjoyalittle and decided to write my own. I would definitely check out her post, which is below.

Her post was inspired by @whatsyourpurpose which was also interesting to read.

Ok let's begin


Hadassah means a myrtle tree, it is also the Hebrew name for Queen Esther in the Bible.

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I really want to grow out my hair naturally, it is still quite short so I would hope Hadassah would have long hair and a lot of hair.
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I'm quite tall so I would probably keep that the same.
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I would only have my firsts, seconds and my cartilage.


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Jeans Jeans Jeans I could wear them all day every day. Chic but casual is the style I'm drawn to.


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Introverted, carefree but constantly stressed, thinks she's funny, antisocial... you know pretty much my actual self.

What Hadassah likes

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Blogging, writing, reading, eating, travelling.

Where Hadassah lives

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Sunny holiday type country with simple and classic homes.

Quotes Hadassah lives by

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This was so fun to write and I definitely recommend trying it. You can message me if you have any post ideas for me or just want to chat.
Ella xx

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