sky, planet, and tumblr image couple, love, and goals image Temporarily removed aesthetics, clock, and dark image
How long have you been smiling? It seems like it's been too long.
pink, pop art, and comic image aesthetic, sad, and crying image aesthetic, alternative, and blurry image Image by sophia
Some days I don't feel like trying, so what the fuck are you on?
break, depression, and grunge image aesthetic, alcohol, and b&w image break, depression, and grunge image love, couple, and kiss image
I think too much, we drink too much. Falling in love like it's just nothing
dark and holding hands image Temporarily removed ae, aesthetic, and aesthetics image girl, smile, and style image
I want to know, where do we go when nothing's wrong?
Image removed sad, pills, and grunge image Image removed Image removed
'Cause all the kids are depressed, nothing ever makes sense.
Abusive image Image by NOEUL (DEVIL OF APS) grunge, sunrise, and sunset image city, freedom, and friend image
I'm not feeling alright, staying up 'til sunrise
yellow, aesthetic, and grunge image blurry, green, and palette image cry, crying, and girl image Image removed
And hoping shit is okay, pretending we know things
light, night, and red image rainbow and tumblr image alone, Darkness, and end image Temporarily removed
I don't know what happened. My natural reaction is that we're scared, so I guess we're scared.
Image by Vicky Jutras tumblr, grunge, and lie image brown eyes, eve, and model image girl, nature, and blonde image
No, I can't really keep lying. 'Cause I've been scared all along.
flowers, grunge, and boy image girl, sleep, and tumblr image love, pills, and heart image Abusive image
I'm getting sick of sleeping in, While all my friends are popping pills And I don't think that they're wrong
eye, flower, and tumblr image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ black, adidas, and grunge image fireworks, night, and sky image
I won't deny it 'cause you saw what it was, I can't deny it if you won't give a fuck.
embroidered, quotes, and sad image art, baby, and cry image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
So I'll sew it up. You know I am so in love.