Hi guys,
In todays article I'm going to be talking about school and studying. It can be hard sometimes to feel motivated for school, we have all been there. That's why today I'm here to help you out and give you some tips on how to feel very motivated to study, let's get started!

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Get inspired by photo's and articles on WHI

I love to do this and it honestly motivates me so much more to grab my school supplies and just start. I recommend making a collection with photo's and articles that inspire/motivate you or follow some collections in this topic you like. Just scroll through these photo's and read some articles, give it a try! Be sure you set a time limit for yoursef so you won't be spending to much time on this because remember: we gotta study!
Here are two collections with pictures I like to look at:

Clean room and clear desk

Honestly, this is so important. Once you have a clean and organized room and desk you will also feel more organized and it will be easier to start. Also having all your stationary and study supplies organized is really nice, it makes it easy to find what you need. If you find it hard to stay organized just plan a sunday ever two weeks where you clean your room really really good.

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wear comfy clothes

If you prefer studying in regular clothes that's okay ofcourse but I always like to put on some sweatpants and a big sweater.

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Get a drink and a healthy snack

You might not notice right away but studying takes a lot of energy. It's always important to stay hydrated so make sure you have a big bottle of water on your desk and maybe a cup of tea or coffee if you like. Having a healthy snack is also nice, it gives you some energy and helps you stay focused when you are starting to feel onfocused. Just make sure you don't eat or drink anything with lots of added sugars, this will give you a sugardip and you will feel tired and onfocused!

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lay out all your supplies

Make sure you grab everything you need: books, laptop, notebooks, pens, markers, stickynotes etc. Organize all your supplies on your desk/work area and make sure you don't have to get up for anything! Organization is key in these kind of things.

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now get started!
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This is the end of my article, I hope it helped you and you enjoyed reading it! Don't forget to give it a heart if it did. Thank you so much!
Love Mickey x

ps : check out my other articles, i'll be uploading at least one article a week from now on!