Hello peeps,
It is middle of spring, if we can call it "middle", and lots of people are trying to find good music that will match this time of the year and their taste. So, this li'l playlist is for everyone who loves some aesthetic themed songs, better said, this is for every person who is like me:

01. BURN SLOW // Jaira Burns
"Once we let go, no turning back, damn, this feelin' pushes me to the max!"
pink, neon, and aesthetic image girl, glasses, and light image Image removed purple, aesthetic, and hands image
02. LOVE OF MY LIFE // Daya
"Baby, don't beg or buy me flowers, you cannot stay 'cause it would only make it worse!"
flowers, aesthetic, and pink image pink, style, and outfit image pink, cadillac, and car image flowers, makeup, and aesthetic image
03. HIGH ROLLIN' // Jaira Burns
"Tell them 'neighbors cool it', 'cause they bitchin' all the time"
beige, moodboard, and theme image beige, coffee, and moodboard image aesthetic, white, and outfit image beige, moodboard, and theme image
04. IF YOU'RE HEARING THIS // Hook N Sling & Parson James ft. Betty Who
"But I know one day, clear blue skies are grey, I'll walk in and you'll say 'I've been waiting for you'!"
aesthetic, header, and pack image flowers, girl, and yellow image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
05. I LIKE ME BETTER // Lauv
"To not know who I am but still know that I'm good long as you're here with me"
water, flowers, and aesthetic image green image art, green, and paint image Temporarily removed
06. HYMN // Kesha
"Even the stars and the moon don't shine quite like we do, dreamers searchin' for the truth, go on, read about us in the news"
background, deco, and exterior image green, think, and aesthetic image summer, green, and plants image Temporarily removed
07. S.L.U.T. // Bea Miller
"Know that I'm not sorry, I'm just loving my body, I don't care if you scared of a sweet little unforgettable thing"
Temporarily removed wallpaper, ocean, and blue image quotes, babe, and green image photography, follow me, and love image
08. IDLE TOWN // Conan Gray
"This town will never change, people come and go, it's all the same!"
vintage, car, and beach image aesthetic, amazing, and apartment image Temporarily removed art, journal, and drawing image
"It's not like we got big plans, let's drive around town holding hands"
Temporarily removed flowers, nature, and orange image Temporarily removed sky, aesthetic, and peach image
10. IRL // DYSN ft. Prelow
"And this confession that I'm making right now, it's nasty as fuck, and we nasty in love"
fashion, style, and coachella image quotes, words, and listen image pink, heart, and neon image red, flowers, and converse image

And that would be it! I hope this helped many of you and I'm happy that I had chance to share one of my fav playlists!

// Mia //