Reaclaiming my Life and Defining what I Want

this article is my way of defining my goals as well as setting up a dream board with my aspirations and hero'son how to get and get my way broke bitch style.

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one day someone I love will give me a ring like this and ask me to be the queen of their heart and amazing friendships as long as I'm happy.(eventually, I'll Buy it myself)

It's my Life I can do whatever I want, I whenever I want, however, I want and have my way. I learnt from the best.

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this month I've been working on getting a new laptop and a dodge Hellcat


My heros are the characters i look up to such as Nicki Minaj, Santanico & Richie(From Dusk till Dawn), Elliot, Margo (the Magicians), Faye(the secret circle), Stiles & Theo (Teen Wolf) from my favourite show's.

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" I want what I want. And I don’t care what I have to do to get it." - Katherine Pierce
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"In Here IM The QUEEN"-Santanico
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a great way to get the things you want is to be so miserable dont want them anymore."
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this drives and best describes me

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Did you notice the different titles on this article? Just write "# Your title" on the beginning of a new line.

Quotes that keep me Alive from books

"She is so scared to take up space that even the weight of her bones is to much" -The Holllow Girl


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my current long short term goals include:

  • Finding Work.
  • Complete my 2/4 of my Online Courses.
  • Get a Car & learn to Drive so i can have the freedome to go wherever i want whenever, i want.
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  • Get back into my fitness routine