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I saw this list of questions on tumblr, and though they would be fun to answer on here, lmao. I got this list from daebak-dreams.tumblr.com! btw trust me, I know I would not make a good idol.

Feel free to answer the questions, too! Tag me if you do! Make sure to credit the creator.

Say The Name: What would your k-pop group be called if you had the chance to name it? This is a lot of pressure for the first question lmao. I suck at naming things, for example, I've had two pet birds for over a year and I still haven't named them??? lmao??? I like group names that are simple and normally just one word, so I think I'd probably just find a nice word and name it that lmao

Sign With Us: If you could pick any company to be signed under, who would you go with? Man, I don't know. Maybe JYP? They're not my favorite company, but I think he's okay at promoting groups and they tend to be successful!

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also I love sana

Microphone: What position would you have in your group?(Rapper, Dance, Maknae, ETC) and Why? I'd probably be a singer. I like singing a lot and I kinda suck at dancing sdfkjnslkngksn and my Korean is definitely not good enough to rap

Allias: What would you want your nickname to be? Uhhhhh well my name is Lauren and a lot of my friends just call me Laur, so probably that???? ajbgjbsuiobgoih I'm so bad at this

Concept: If you had to chose one concept/theme for your group what would you pick? (Cute.Dangerous,ETC) Honestly, I hate badass girl group concepts, but I feel like that'd be the only kind I'd be able to pull off? I really like cute concepts though so I think I'd want to at least try one of those, too!

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want my stans to be tweeting me memes like this lmao

Heart Fingers: Which Idol would you want to date/be your ideal type when asked? shtgoihasoighioshfionk Okay this is a loaded question because,,, Hoseok is my ultimate bias, but he is definitely not my ideal type? I know that really makes no sense, but it's just how things are ajdbfgjsbnjdf Honestly I think I'd say Taekwoon of Vixx or Jeonghan of Seventeen lmao

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they're so cute oh my god

Shh: There is a some scandals/rumors going around about you and an idol, how would you respond. Uhhhhh I guess it would depend on what the rumor was?? If it was like a dating rumor and it wasn't true, I'd obviously deny it, but... if it was true I think I'd just ignore the rumors until me and my mans were ready lmao

Collab: Who would you want to collaborate with, if had the chance? I love IU ! Definitely her lmao

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she's so pretty too holy

That’s My Bestfriend: Which idol would you want to be best friends with, and why? first of all, if I had to chose an idol I'm most like, it's 100% Jeonghan, so I think we would make some good besties.... but also I think I'd just be friends with all the other idols my age lmao

Gifts: What is one thing that you would enjoy receiving during a fan meet? ooooo uh probably hair pieces lmao I love pictures of idols with crazy headbands &/or flower crowns on.. also lil stuffed animals

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so cute

Idols: Which idol do you think your personalty is closest to, and why? As I said before, Jeonghan and I are basically the same person in different bodies, except I'm not as talented. I can't really. say all the reasons why I think this but like everything he does is something I would probably do in the same situation?? idk man

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we're both pretty cute too

Signature: What is one thing that you would want to be remembered by from your fans? (Ex. Jin + The color pink, Jooheon’s Dimples, ETC) being extra as hell lmaoksdngkns

Colors: What hair color,of any, would you want to have within your group? I like my natural hair color, which is like rusty brown, but I think I'd look good with super red hair! I'd also like to try white-blonde!

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maybe like either of these??

Yum: Favorite food I don't know if coffee counts as a food, but, if it does, then coffee lmao if not.... I like pretty much all junk food best

Meh: What is the one thing that you don’t think you would be best at n the group but know you can improve at? (dancing,vocals,ETC) Dancing!

K-Drama: If you had a chance to be in a drama ,what would you want it to be about, and who would you want to star in it with you? Historical dramas are my favorite, but I'm not Korean so I don't think that'd be appropriate. I also really like crime/thrillers!! My favorite actors are probably Seo Kangjoon, Park Bogum (who doesn't stan this man), and Lee Joongi so I'll go with one of them dfkhgakksfj

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goals @ the last one

Sleepy: It’s late at night and the other members wake you up, by making too much noise,what do you do? lmao I'd probably be the one making too much noise in the middle of the night

Help: If you fell onstage how would you recover your fall? uhh.. stand up? Isn't that the only way? I wouldn't stay sitting there

Fanservice: If another member from your group held onto you, or held your hand during a fan meet, or performance, what would you do? I'm so here for this lmao I'm so clingy to everyone so it wouldn't be a problem for me!

Chores: What would you be in charge of doing around the dorms? I kinda like doing laundry, so, that

Role Modelz: What role would you have in your group? Member wise? (ex Shownu is Dad in his group, Jin is Mom in his group etc) the one that playfully annoys everyone else lmaoooooo that's what I am with my friends rn

Solo Dolo: Would you ever go solo after a while/ Would you want to be a solo artist in the beginning? Maybe? If I didn't like what the group was doing? I would probably never leave the group, but maybe I'd try solo

Languages: Do you know more than one language? If so, what are they? The only language I'm fluent in is English, but I speak Korean pretty well and I just started learning Finnish!

Feels: Do you cry easily? Weather it be happy or sad tears? I cry sssssooooooo easily.... like at least once every two days... every emotion I have leads to me crying, so, yeah

Sing-Song: What is your favorite genre of music? akhdgkhgih uh besides kpop I really like metal (motionless in white, blessthefall, etc) and 80s rock lmao

Hello!: How would you greet your fans? probably like any other idol ahfgjhs Just hello & the fandom name?? Maybe I'd develop some cute name over the years

After school: You’re on the show, ‘After School Club’, how would you greet yourself to the camera in the beginning? Well, my name, position, and something about being extra ^^

There we have it! That was a lot of questions, but thank you for reading it all! Hopefully someone does this with me ^^
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