day 6; five ways to win your heart
that's in no specific orfer

1. caring

i instantly melt when someone expresses their care for me, like the slightest display of caring is always the key to my heart, you can tell me to go study and stop spending much time on internet and i'd be whipped.

2. attention

ugh okay, i'll admit it, i love attention, i crave for attention most of the time, though i don't try to gain it, i just like when someone shower me with attention without doing or saying anything, for me, attention equals love.

3. presents

i love presents, it doesn't even have to be big, you can just give me a letter or a postcard or something and it will mean the world to me, for me, presents are materialistic love.

4. listening

i'm the person who always listen to people, i don't like to talk without being asked to bc i tend to get carried away and may be viewed as arrogant, so i just tend to listen. i'm always the listener and don't get me wrong, i like listening to people, but it'd be a great change if someone actually listened to me. it'd mean a lot tbh

5. jealousy and protectivness

i like when someone is jealous and protective over me, it makes me feel loved and happy, although i don't like extreme jealousy or overprotectivness but it's nice to see someone care about you that much.

aaand that's it! i really like making these articles, and i look forward making them everyday, it's nice to share little snippets of you to strangers and over the internet, i love this website
anyway stay positive, imma see ya tomorrow!