on of my favorites songs this mouth, there I always listen too is:

1º Louis Tomlinson - miss you 😍

louis tomlinson, gif, and miss you image Mature image

2º Noah Cyrus - we are...
but I love her voice, and all her songs are amazing!

Abusive image noah cyrus and billie eilish image

3º Marshmellow and Anne Marie - FRIENDS

dj, gif, and music video image Lyrics, marshmello, and anne marie image

4º Ellie Goulding - vincent

Ellie Goulding, photography, and poetry image Image removed

5º Camila Cabello - real friends

consequences, havana, and real friends image Lyrics, camila cabello, and friends image

6º kygo and Miguel - remind me

couples, feelings, and forget image Lyrics, music, and musik image

and the last one:
7º Cashmere Cat and Ariana Grande- Adore

adore, Lyrics, and quotes image ariana grande, ariana, and polaroid image
thank you 💓 my articles: