Hi angel.
I can't believe 4 months have passed by so quickly!
April, we finally have some sun, warm weather and blooming flowers. I went to South Korea last week, and I went to your memorial. It's beautiful, I must tell you. You can literally feel the love there, so many messages and sticky notes, and so many people! I've seen mothers with kids, grandmas, and young people gathering there looking at all the love in that room. It was amazing, the whole experience. I liked everything! South Korea is beautiful country, I will live there in 5 years I swear. I miss you all day everyday, there's not one day that I not talk to you, pray for you and remember you. I bought your album baby!!! I'm so happy because of that! Because from my country I would never been able to get it.
Your birthday was this month, it was the same day as my Easter so I was extremely happy that such a precious holiday is as well your birthday love.
Anyways, Shinee is doing good, I hope your family is doing good, fans are doing good, we miss you a lot and we love you endlessly.
I will never forget you. I love you

Jonghyun. 8/4/1990 - 18/12/2017