A few slices of pizza, a couple of days later and here I am. Back at work to finish my, so beloved, baby name article.
So hello to everyone and welcome back!
As I started in my first article Baby names Across the Border I am here to write down and explain baby names I love. The names are mostly typical in the country I come from but to others it maight be new and diffrent and it may give you some new ideas.
In the first article I wrote about the names Dante, Eva, Matija, Maja, Peter and Hana. Now I'm finnishing my list with a few other names I also like. Let's get to bussiness.

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The name Ivan is one I came across not so long ago. I saw it in a trailer to a new Slovenian movie and it kind of stuck with me. The name is pretty old-fashioned in my country and that's exactly why I am drawn to it. It's normal, masculine and yet rarely used for newborn babies.

The name Ivan comes form a Hebrew name Jehohannan and it means "God is gracious". Ivan is also used in other countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Russia, Poland etc. The name also has many nicknames like Ivo, Ivanček, Ivko, Ivanko, Ive... There are also many writers named Ivan in my country.

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Another of those girl names I like because of it's flow. It saunds very charming, a little naughty but very loving, indipendant and comfident to me. And I would love for my daughter to be like that. Note: my boyfriend does like the name.

The name Teja is considered to have two different orgins. Teja could be a short version of the names Mateja, Dotroteja (Dorothea) or Teodora. In that option, the name would mean "Given by God, God's gift". But on the other hand, the name could come from the Greek word thea, which means "goddess".

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Another name of a writer (and I guess by now you know I'm a sucker for those). Voranc is a Slovenian name that I am crazy in love with. It's different, yet catching and home-loving. It also shows my love for the books and writers.

It does not have any meaning behind it. Voranc is actually a deformed form of the name Lovrenc. The writer, Lovrenc (shortly Lovro) Kuhar, was born in a part of Slovenia with it's own dialect and when they called him Lovrenc it sounded like Voranc and that's how the name stuck with him. I think.

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Baby girl names come hard for me. Either I love them at first and hate them later or I make fun of them at the begining and end up kind of liking it. Anastazia is no different. I made much fun of the name, saying it would be how I'll name my daughter just to irritate the one asking (for a boy name I picked Bartolomej). Now? I kind of like the name. Not for sure but... I do. Kind of. Weird huh?
Ana is a short form of Anastazia (and Hana) that I also like but I wouldn't put it next to Dante or Hana if those were the names already among my (future) kids. If you know what I mean. But Anastazia...hum...

This girl names also comes from Grece, from Anastosios, meaning "ressurection". The name is latly very popular because of the 50 shades books (I know you know that and yes I read them and yes I loved it!)

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Jaka. Oh my Jaka. This little boy name I have loved since even before I knew my boyfriend. It came to me even before Dante did! I was 100% my son is going to be Jaka... And then I got a boyfriend. And I didn't think baby names for a while when we became a couple but later I realized that I can not and will not name my son the name his uncle has. My boyfriends brothers name is Jaka. DANG IT!

Still, this precious (Gollum voice) boy name is Hebrew and its meaning is "he follows, he is holding the heel" to some even "God protects".

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Another name from a book. My favourite childhood book (besides Peter Pan) written by Johanna Spyri. The stories of Heidi are one of my favourites and I can't get over tha name. Sure I changed it up a bit (Heidi -> Hajdi) but I love it either way. Sadly, again, the name is to simmilar to the name Ajda, my boyfriends nice, and I don't want to use the names too similar or which appear in the family. Still, Hajdi, to me, is such a sweet, simple, charming name for a country girl I will forever regret not using it (or I could force my sister to use it!).

Hajdi comes from the german name Adelheid. It means "of nobel birth". Heidi Klum might be one celebrety with the name.

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With this I come to the end of this article and all the baby name euphoria. I still have some names in my head that I like but none of them stand out.
So I hope you guys liked the names and my long talking and hope you got some new ideas or I might at least got you interested and you are going to look for more Slovenian names on the internet.
Whatever it will be, I wish you the greatest day (or the beast good night sleep).
Love, UršKa