Hello my dear WeHeatIt people. I have been using WeHeartIt for three years or maybe a little bit longer or a little bit shorter…I can’t really remember the exact time, when I started to be a part of the WeHeartIt community. But what I recently noticed…is that I have reached 1000+ followers on the WeHeartIt and I’m honestly shocked, happy, confused, emm…don’t know maybe blessed in some sense?

But yeah, since I gained so many followers I decided to try something new and my new decision is to start writing the articles. I have always loved to write, but most of the time I have been writing little poems, but lately my muse fell asleep, so I don’t really write the poems that often anymore (and it is sad, but at least I do write like…one poem per month). The reason is the fact that I spent a lot of time studying for my classes and also drawing illustrations and learning how to make comics. (Because guys, I have a goal to create little funny comics about my relationship with my little siblings and upload them on Webtoon).

I really couldn’t decide the first topic for my first article, but then I decided…Why not to introduce myself? and what I like and yeah…some boring stuff about my life and so far I think you got the point, so let’s start! (but yeah, if you aren’t interested, of course you’re free to leave).

My name is Viktoriia, not going write my last name, because it isn’t such an important information. If you have “Sherlock” sense, then somehow you’ll find out. (please don’t) Shortly you can call me Vicky. I’m 21, soon going to be 22. (getting old, but still feeling so immature... just a quick short description of me..hah) I was born in Ukraine, but when I was 13 years old, my family moved to Vienna, the capital of the Austria and yeah…everything changed. (like literally…everything)

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I started to learn German and I had troubles in my school, I was bullied because I couldn’t speak German very well (like kids can be so mean nowadays, like I just moved from another country, give me some time, but yeah) and in the end I felt really lonely and started to hate German and didn’t want to learn it (now I pretty SUCK at it), so I started to watch American TV-shows like Glee, The Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, etc. (of course with Russian subtitles, because at that time my English wasn’t good). But watching them improved my English and made me love this language, but still I had some hardships with pronouncing English words and stuff like that…and there was time where I was really ashamed of my accent and pronunciation, but now I find it funny and cool and I am practicing. But let’s stop with the old sad times and move on.
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Now I am a student at University of Vienna and I study English and I really enjoy it, because it isn’t just about studying the language but also about English and American Culture and Literature. And I really like to read English books.

My favorite books are “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger, also “Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage” by Haruki Murakami and in the general I enjoy almost all of his works. He is an incredible writer (so far my favorite one) and I’d like to meet him and have a little conversation with him, while drinking some coffee…ah dreams…Another book I really respect is “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. (gonna tell you a little secret, I still haven’t watched the movie) This book had a really strong impact on my life, because when I was 18-20 I struggled with depression and everything in my life was like crushing down, I had hardships with graduating school, because of my German and also I developed some romantic feeling to my girl-classmate and I struggled with my sexuality and with my identity in general. I felt lost and at that time this book was my helper, I could relate a little bit to Charlie and felt like he is the only one, who could accept and understand me in some ways…
And another book I want to remark is by a German writer Erich Maria Remarque and it calls “Three Camrades”. This book is about life after the war, but what I really like in this book is that it shows what life is…like I truly appreciate the honesty of this book, there is no exaggeration of bad or good times…just real people, who just try to live. And there are a lot of other books I truly enjoy, but I can’t recall them all and yeah! I already wrote a lot.

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How I already mentioned I write poetry and even have started to write a book, where the story is told with the little poems. It is about a guy, who is lost in his life (because I was lost too, wow such a reference) and everyday he takes a ride with a tram from the first station to the last one and while riding it, he writes little poems, like writing a diary…or something. And there is also a love-story…but shhh I am keeping all the other details in secret. But I don’t really continue on working on this book…because my muse fell asleep and I just wish I had not so many interests and more time!!!! We NEED more TIME!!! And wait I am also STUDYING and making COMICs!!! (so productive haha)

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My another big interest and really big influence on my life is music. I can play a little bit guitar and piano. I write a lot of songs and I enjoy singing. (but I’m not the best singer and musician) Right now my passion is hip hop. I really into such artists like Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator but also such soul/r&b artists like SZA, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd (my favorite singer, like he is my number one) and Danial Caesar. The Neighbourhood is the band of my life! And I am really in love with Camila Cabello. (this celebrity crush thing is so complicated and hurting), also I listen to all kind of artists, The 1975, Troye Sivan, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande…like almost to everyone. I just love music. And I almost forgot to mention, but I am K-Pop fan too, my favorite K-Pop group is NCT!!!

But the biggest interest in my life is ART. I am drawing since I was a little child, I can’t remember time when I wasn’t drawing. At the age of 12 I graduated an art school (for children and teenagers) in Ukraine. And honestly after graduating high school I wanted to study art, but its pretty expensive and my family isn’t really well off. But honestly art is something you can learn or like improve on your own…I mean you don’t really need to go to expensive school to make art. If you want to do art, do it! Just don’t stop.

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My biggest art influencers (and like favorite artists) are Jean-Michel Basquiat (who also introduced me to hiphop), Keith Haring, Egon Shiele, Roy Liechtenstein and Peter Blake. I have different reasons of why I like them.

Lately I started to upload my drawings on Instagram and working on my little comics. Also recently I filmed a video of how I draw... and I plan to edit it soon and upload on Youtube. But HONESTLY I really want to make Vlog-videos or just like Talk-Show videos.., but I’m still not really confident in my appearance and my English talking skills.

So, so far…I have written a lot of stuff, but these aren’t all things about me. Just the main ones, I truly have a lot of interests and weird facts about me as person and also about my life, family, friends. (for instance… like I really want to grow taller, but its already to late…)

Right now I am finishing this article…if you read it all, (wow) thank you for your time and welcome? welcome in my mind? in me? sounds weird…but yeah! Thank you! Have a nice day/evening/night!

bye guys, I’ll try to write something new next week,