You are Fire i see Fire in your Eyes. Ready to ignite and burn brighter than any star hotter than any Supernova.

You are a Flood, i see water big blue Waves in your soul ready to wash all the the Pain in you and all the negative Thoughts.A flood ready burn the blood Marks.

You are a wind, i see freedom i you i see you getting ready to be free from your thoughts and peoples expectations. i see you dancing with wind.

You are the tree, ready to embrace you roots standing for them whíthought shame standing firm than a mear Human cant move you.

I see a Meteorite in you, where you hit the ground, you leave a mark every Heart you enter and some hearts already look like the Twin brother of Moon becouse you left marks on them, Positive ones, some go deep some not.

I see a you, i see the messing up but i also see the learning and making things good again, i see Heartbreaks but i see the learning,growing stronger and moving on. I see Anger but i also see forgiveness, i see tears but i also see beautifull smile from deep inside your heart, i see marks on your Body but i also see a story to inspire other going through the same thing. I see regrets but i see the chances you have now,to change the now becouse the past is unchangeable but the future is changeable.

I see a Human, i see the ability to learn from the past mistakes, the ability to forgive, the ability to move on and grow, the abililty to make a change, the ability to use the negative times to inspire others or yourself. Be a Change be a exampe, be strong Man or Woman no Perfection is needed the only one and the only one needed is you.