Hi, i've seen lot of tags and challenges, so i decided to do one. I thought it would be fun to do this, cause i'm huge fan of ahs.

-favourite season
Murder House (S1) or Asylum (S2)

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It's so hard to choose between them because of all the characters. Pepper, Adelaide, Tate, Violet, Kit, Grace, Lana.. I also like how different these seasons are.

-least favourite season
Coven (S3) or Roanoke (S6)

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When i first watched Coven i liked it and i still du, but the second time was kinda boring and i'm not into witches. And then Roanoke, firsts episodes were boring, but in the middle of the season i started to like it and the ending was good.

-favourite female characters:
Violet Harmon and Grace Bertrand

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There is something in Violet that reminds me of myself and Grace did what she had to do. She's adorable and it's sad that she died.

-most annoying female characters:
Misty day and Hayden McClaine

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they are so annoying

-favourite male characters:
Tate Langdon and Chad Warwick

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Tate is cute lost boy who murdered people, but when he found Violet, she was the light that he needed. Tate wanted to change for her. Oh and then poor Chad. He just wanted to be happy in his dream house:( Chad made me laugh every time.

-most annoying male characters:
Dell Toledo and Dr. Arthur Arden

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I hate what they did

-If you could be any character, who would you be?
Madison Montogomery

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-If you were in asylum, what would be your madness?
Psycopath? I don't know

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-If you were in coven, what kind of witch would you be?
The Supreme

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-If you were in freakshow, what "freak" would you be?
Fortune teller

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-If you were in the hotel, would you be a ghost, a vampire, a human?

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-If you were in roanoke, would you be a ghost from the house, part of The Butcher's squad, part of the weird family, part of the tv squad or an inocent blogger?
The blogger

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-favourite quote:

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-best scenes:
when Zoe killed all the "zombies" with chain saw and when Judy sang "The Name Game", I also liked the scene when Tate tried to save Violet.

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-If you could choose to make another season what would it be?
It would be about the orphanage

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