1. Take a shower every day
It may be obvious, but if you don't do it, start. Cleaning the skin is more effective than any medicine.

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2. Be careful what you’re using
Always read ingredients. Some substances may be really dangerous for your health (if you want me to write an article about these substances- let me know). Personally I love a few brands and I trust them.

3. Find the best routine for you
I know korean beauty tips and cosmetics are very popular nowadays, but I prefer russian stuff. They works better for my slavic skin 😉 Don’t do something that doesn’t work for you.

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4. Listen to others
I'm using only recommended products. Watch youtube reviews or read blogs. Also, ask your family or friends what do they do. It's important to talk to your parents or siblings about their skin care since you've got similar genes

5. Eat wisely
Drink water!!! try Plant Nanny app. It helped me a lot. Your whole body will be thankful. Hydration also helps you lose weight and improve your well-being. In addition, eat healthy. Do not forget fruits, vegetables, provide all nutrients.

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6. Try to avoid makeup
Every now and then try to spend a day without makeup. If you feel uncomfortable with it, choose the days you spend at home or limit yourself to eyebrows and concealer. You can also replace the foundation with bb or cc cream.

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7. Think about another reasons
If you try literally everything and nothing helps, you should visit an endocrinologist, gynecologist or other specialist, because acne can be caused by many health problems.

I wish you good luck and health, because it is the most important thing :D