Europe or America?

adventure, globe, and travel image ancient, italy, and sky image
Europe for sure

Books or movies?

Cookies, food, and the lion king image couple, love, and popcorn image
Movies! I love netflix so much

Bath or shower?

abs, fitness, and sexy image shower, girl, and summer image
I love taking baths but I would take a shower bfore a bath

Caramel or chocolate?

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CARAMEL is 100% better than chocolate, sorry not sorry

Jeans or skirt?

Abusive image fashion, style, and outfit image
Jeans of course

Coffee or tea?

coffee, drink, and food image drink, coffee, and aesthetic image
Coffee is the best thing ever

High heals or sneakers?

Best, Fila, and palms image vans, shoes, and black image
Sneakers, they´re so comfy and cute

Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girl?

Temporarily removed coachella, emily fields, and friends goals image
I like PLL way more than GG bc GG is so boring

Homesick or adventurous?

bungee jump, paintball, and free fall image giraffe, animal, and kiss image
I love adventures bc you live so many cute & amazing things

Ice cream or sweets?

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I could literally eat ice cream any time of the year, i love it sm

Cats or dogs?

dog, animal, and puppy image dog, little dog, and puppy image
I love cats but dogs are just dogs

Banana or coconut?

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Coconuts smell & taste so good. They also look so cute!!

Pizza or hamburger?

Temporarily removed food, burger, and fries image
Burgers are way better than pizza they´re so good!

Strawberry or apple?

strawberry, fruit, and red image blue, cold, and strawberry image

Denim or leather?

explore, friendship, and style image denim, fashion, and jeans image
Denim is so cute

Challenge by: @nikiceeva
(my comp doesn´t let me tag her sorry)