Girls, It's Ems. First of all, I really hope you're having a good day. Now, here are some tips on how to feel beautiful

  • Smile
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Be positive and smile
  • Remember your posture
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Or the crown will fall :)
  • Focus on the best not the worst
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Good vibes only
  • Love your body
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Every body is beautiful, just each one in different ways
  • Don't compare yourself with others
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Why would you? Everyone is different
  • Appreciate your flaws
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Anyone has got flaws, that's what make us so impefectly beautiful
  • Do something you love
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  • Get excited
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  • Like your outfit
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Self confidence is all
  • Reduce stress
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Do it for yourself
  • Try to be outgoing
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Maybe go out with your bf
  • Create beauty around you
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You'll be feel part of the beauty
  • Stop your ugly thoughts and be positive
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Sometimes the only thing that bring us down is just ourselves, sometimes we should just don' t care
  • Dress suiting your body type
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  • Be kind
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  • Do some exercise and feel satisfied of your job
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You will gain confidence
  • Take a break,breath
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Don't try it too hard
That's all. Hope you feel beautiful.

Until next time,
Ems xx