How is it the 4th month of the year already?

When I started 2018 I promised myself to make this year actually worth living.
For a past few months I've been doing great and so the summer is coming and so it's time to make my bucket list.

I mean, who doesn't do that?

So I'm about to share with you a few favorites from my list and this could inspire you for the next huge summer adventure.

Visit a foreign country

travel, friends, and italy image paris and travel image adventure, blue, and palm image pink, sunset, and car image

Sleep under the stars

moon, blue, and night image gif image

Get a tan

summer, girl, and beach image

Learn a foreign language

easel, flowers, and french image

Make a new friendship

travel, drink, and summer image drink, champagne, and alcohol image drink, summer, and food image drink and wine image

Read at least 3 books

Run a marathon

water, feet, and photography image Temporarily removed fitness, run, and fit image Image removed

Learn how to cook

food, healthy, and rice image

Go to the music festival

alternative, festival, and memories image coachella, music, and art image color image colors, drugs, and festa image


help, motivation, and share image

Do fitness

fitness, body, and fit image fitness, nike, and body image

Make it memorable

beach, summer, and photography image

Share your thought on this and also give me some ideas what should I do for summer!