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I've always loved reading books and picturing myself in the stories and imagining how I would act in the different situations presented in them. So when I saw Sarah's article describing how she sees herself as a fictional character, I just reallly really wanted to try it!

Here's her article and account for you to check out!

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan
thank you for sharing this with us and inspiring me to make this article!

Basically, you have to create a character that you indentify with, or simply, someone you aspire to be! So all of this comes from my imagination! I kept some of the things as in real life, but picked another name and changed some little things to make my character!

Let's get started!


Calla, a greek name meaning beautiful. Calla is a lily name that is much more distinctive and delicate than Lily.

flowers calla flowers image Temporarily removed
I've always thought flowers names made beautiful people's names as they have a meaning behind them and can really describe a person's personality.


girl, accessories, and fashion image Temporarily removed
Mid lenght brown ombre hair, but then I would eventually dye it grey just because lol
makeup, beauty, and eyes image makeup, eyes, and beauty image
My eyes are a really really dark brown, so I would be happy with any lighter eye color, even if it is just light brown. But if I could chose, it would be green or grey eyes. And I would like to keep my long lashes haha
fashion, skirt, and style image clothes, fashion, and inspiration image
Kinda fit, and short like in real life.
earrings, piercing, and style image accessories image
My ears would have multiple but simple piercings.


fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, art, and clothes image fashion, style, and white image fashion, outfit, and style image nails, fashion, and style image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Pretty casual but put together, and all neutral colors like I actually dress lol


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Loyal, encouraging, funny, observer, enthusiastic, positive, honest.

What Calla likes

book, reading, and candle image music, article, and flowers image flowers, aesthetic, and spring image Temporarily removed girl, coffee, and fashion image flowers, bike, and pink image Image removed art, drawing, and aesthetic image
Reading and writing, fruit, riding her bike, paiting and drawing, photography, plants, architecture, coffee, music

Where Calla lives

interior, home, and house image architecture, travel, and aesthetic image travel, city, and italy image travel, boat, and ocean image
A place with great architectonic features and close to nature

Quotes Calla lives by

quotes, love, and samantha jones image quotes image Temporarily removed cozy, Dream, and fashion image

That's it for today guys! I really had so much fun writing this, so I will be tagging some people to give this a shot!

I tag

ѕ c α r ℓ e t t
ѕ c α r ℓ e t t

and anyone else that reads this and wants to try it!

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( bel )
( bel )

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