Riley was tutoring me. It seemed like we were getting close fast. "I want to meet your horse," I told her. She showed me pictures of Kiki after we talked about my dogs. We spent more time getting to know each other than actually working. She looked at me a bit puzzled. "I grew up around horses. I'm pretty much the horse whisperer," I boasted. I am not a horse whisperer, but hopefully her horse likes me. She laughed and tucked hair behind her ear. It had a pointed tip. "You're an elf," I blurted out, just coming to the realization. She quickly shook her hair so it'd fall over her ear again. "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to sound rude," I said. "I don't like them," she admitted. "I think they're really cute," I assured her. I meant it. She smiled, and blushed. "Let's get back to work," she said and took the pen right out of my hand.