I'm going to do the #MyNameInPersonalities I saw this from Pyurie

And the Original tag was created by Kaya

I also wanna mention I've done a few articles similar to this and I will link them down below

Lets Get Started!

S ⏦ Strong

Temporarily removed love, lgbt, and gay image cute couple, easel, and equality image Temporarily removed
I mean strong as in I'm strong for what I believe in

O ⏦ Optimistic

optimistic, quotes, and pink image + image sad, human, and quotes image strong, positive, and quotes image

P ⏦ Peppy

quotes, happiness, and pink image wallpaper, background, and purple image life, happy, and inspiration image sunset, quotes, and beautiful image

H ⏦ Helpful

quotes, john green, and forgive image daily, focus, and happiness image
I couldn't find many good images for this one so I only put 2

I ⏦ Imaginative

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed photography, art, and glitter image imaginative, blue, and fairy image

A ⏦ Aggressive

cake, pale, and grunge image anime, toradora, and cute image anime, gif, and toradora image mirai nikki, anime, and yuno gasai image
I chose a few anime characters because they're the aggressive ones and I'm epescially Taiga Aisaka cause im a total tsundere

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