all the series i love and recommend on Netflix :)

friends, pizza, and chandler image friends, 90s, and monica image

10 seasons of funny moments within the most iconic friendship group. who doesn't love friends? honestly if you haven't at least heard about friends you must live under a rock. if you've never watched friends then wyd? get your act together and watch it right now! i promise you'll love.

olivia, on my block, and cesar diaz image on my block image
on my block

i honestly started watching this ironically because of how cringey it seemed but i got so attached to the characters so quickly and the plotline got so good i just couldn't stop.

jessica barden, Alyssa, and james image aesthetic, blonde hair, and girl and boy image
the end of the f***ing world

there's only one season of this so far and i'm not sure if they're making a second but OH MY GOD. it's one of the best series i've ever watched i love it so much. i watched the whole thing in one go it was so good.

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everything sucks

a great show, again with only one season. it's so 90's and cool i love.

drag queens, rupauls drag race, and season 6 image drag queens, gif, and RuPaul image
rupaul's drag race

actually one of my favourite shows of all time and a good laugh too. season 6 is the best and adore delano is the best contestant they've ever had.

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13 reasons why

a very hard hitting series but it's so good oh my god. i know people who took ages to watch this, but i watched the whole thing in 24 hours because i just had to know what was going to happen next.

Image removed levante, sea, and spain image

(there are no pics of the actual show on whi). benidorm is so so so funny and has 10 seasons so will keep you occupied for quite a long time. my faves are liam, noreen and martin.

blue, garden, and hilarious image cry, funny, and gif image
rick and morty

my favourite cartoon ever it's so funny

riverdale, lili reinhart, and camila mendes image riverdale, cole sprouse, and lili reinhart image

the actual best. i'm sure you know all about it.