we all think in our teenage days that we would have perfect sorted out life in our twenties ,some of us have and some of us don’t and its completely fine. i was mess in starting of my twenties and now i am 25 i have sorted my life by doing this 10 simple steps which i started doing from last year and i have noticed lot of improvement in my life . i hope so this helps you all

1 Stop looking at your friends on social media and comparing your life . comparison is death of your own talent and specially your peace of mind .just try to minimize the use of social media and you might see your ex old lost friend than you start comparing you get confused irritated i just say this words when i come across their pictures this is all edited and real life they have there own issues.

2 Start writing diary at the end of the day i write down all my issues what i feel and than i read it in a way i know how i am feeling and i don’t feel lonely . i write down my goals sometimes my anger i let it out in it.

3 Everything happens at right time i know its hard to be patient at times but things like love job and all will happen when you are stable and happy from within . good things take time the way plants and fruits take to ripen so will your life the fruit of patience are sweet.

4 Learn to say NO to things which you are not 100 % sure of just don’t do it to please others

5 Don’t live in your past and don’t think too much about future just don’t do overthinking live in the moment. GO WITH THE FLOW

6 Practice self love . sometimes you will feel lonely sad confused and its OK during those times don’t decide any thing just try to be calm talk to your close friend just watch movie specially motivational once . i watch ted talks and drink coffee .

7 Being lazy is curse to your dreams so stop procrastination and habit of complaining just cut down your task in small steps .

8 Take care of your health and eat healthy food . sometimes you can eat comfort food but try to balance it .Empty mind is devil’s workshop stay busy by starting a hobby, online courses, cooking

9 If you suffer it is because of you , if you feel blissful it is because of you .nobody else is responsible only you and you alone . you are your hell and your heaven too – osho . yes its true focus on yourself and your life.

10 try to follow good habits such as reading good books , saving your money by doing small savings ,practice gratitude and pray. do good , and it will return back to you.

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