sometimes you have to take a conscience and you want to change your life but you never know what to do, what to improve, or totally remove from our life. so here is a list of things to do to change your life:

Play sports:
Sport is a great way to feel good about yourself and to start at best a new life. Remember that one must love oneself before loving others.

Keep a diary:
Keeping a journal can allow you to express your feelings or your opinion about some events in your life without disclosing them to everyone.

Get started:
Create goals and complete them. Stop putting barriers. what do you want to become? What do you want to do? ask yourself the right questions to find answers and take things in hand!

Do the sorting:
Sort out those around you, make sure you have good and beneficial people for you. It is important to be well surrounded. If it's not your case, you can go out to meet people or join clubs.

To have a passion:
It can be singing, dancing, music or art for example. having a passion is a good way to have a good time doing what you love. Who knows ? maybe this passion can rock your life

To give oneself the means:
The change of life is good, but you still have to have the means to do it. makes small pots and sticks labels on them. on the label what your savings are every month or every week you will be able to put a small piece or a ticket and at the end to pay you your studies, a trip or a car (free to you to choose what you do with your money ) ;).