As i said before i was going to write a new serie for you so that's what im doing. Let's start.
-Ethan and Harvey

Ellie: 3 MILLION..3 MILLION!!! :D
Cops: Put the money down and your hands in the air!
Ellie: Shit..
Ellie goes to jail for 5 years
-After 5 years-

Dad: I am VERY disapointed in you, Elizabeth.
Ellie: Yea, whatever >.>
Dad: I wasn't planning on doing this but, im sending you to a clinic.
Ellie: To a clinic? Lol. Why?
Dad: For your addiction :D
Ellie: gets mad An addiction clinic o-o!
Dad: Yes. Go pack your bags now,because you're leaving tomorrow :)
-5 minutes later-

Dad: Ready?
Ellie: No >.>
Dad: Good, because you're leaving now :D
Ellie: You're a bad dad.
Dad: Love to hear that :)
Ellie: gets mad So, what are you waiting for? I'm ready, i guees >.>
Dad: Good :)
-2 hours later-

Dad: Ahh, hey Leyla!
Leyla: runs to dad and pushes Ellie
Ellie: falls down That's why im here? For your fun?!
Dad: No Elizabeth. You're here for your addiction :D
Leyla: Your dad told me about the 3 million, so that's why you're here
Ellie: Whatever, where's my room?
Leyla: Go inside and search your name!

Harvey: throws water to Maci
Maci: HARVEY, IDIOT! pushes Harvey
Harvey: falls on Ellie
Ellie: falls down Look where you're going idiot!
Maci: I told you, you're an idiot :)
Harvey: Im not an idiot! Nevermind, who are you?
Ellie: I'm Elizabeth stone, call me Ellie
Maci: Hey Ellie, Im maci and the idiot is Harvey
Ellie: Anyways, can someone show me where's my room?
Maci: Oh you're new here, let me check the list.
Ellie: Thanks
Maci: walks to a hall with Ellie This is the hall with all the rooms. But you're unlucky.
Ellie: Why o-o
Maci: You need to share room with Kendall
Ellie: What's wrong with Kendall?
Maci: She is here because of killing 18 people. She addicted to it..
Ellie: Damn, do i need to sleep in the same room?
Maci: Yes...
Ellie: Shit..

Kendall: punches the air 18..18..18..
Ellie: You-you must be Kendall right?
Kendall: 19..19..19..
Maci: gets scared and leaves quick
Ellie: 19?!
Kendall: Yup 19.
Ellie: Ok 19...
Kendall: You're my number 19.
Ellie: Oh, i love it but you need to wait!
Kendall: Ok, you're smart. punches again the air 18..18..18..
Ellie: 18 is the best :)
Kendall: Really?
Ellie: Yes. :)
-5 minutes later-

Ellie: Ok we're here.
Maci: E-Ellie, i think i have to explain you something...
Ellie: You said everyone should come here right?
Maci: Yes but...but...
Tina: Not her!
Ellie: And you are?
Tina: Tina. Anyways, get Kendall back to her room.
Ellie: No Kendall is one of AS! So why are we ALL here?
Kendall: It's- It's ok Ellie...Thank you...*runs away*
Ellie: Well done!
Tina: Listen up, maybe you dont understand it! Kendall is a murderer!!
Ellie: MAYBE SHE'S CHANGED! runs to get Kendall back
Maci: Tina, Jezus o-o