self care is an essential part of our life . In this hectic life we all need to stop for some while and take care of our self.Many of us don 't pay attention on our health we get busy and than all this tension builds up and we get frustrated . And just stop for while notice and celebrate the essence of our own mind and soul . so here are my 20 ways of practicing self care .

aesthetic, bath, and flowers image
self care is like giving spa to your mind and soul

1 - Try do something you enjoy like watching Netflix , reading, developing hobby which ever you like .cuddle your partner tell them how much you admire them .

2 - enjoy cup of tea or coffee alone while listening to music or looking outside your window

3 -take a bath with your favorite body wash and while you bathing just imagine you are washing out all the negativity . And use face mask also .

4 -read self help books , romantic novels ,

5 - sleep calmly for 8 hrs in comfortable clothes

6 visit your friends anyone who you feel very close

7 eat your favorite fast food its OK do eat sometimes

8 write a love letter for yourself include all your dreams , things that make you happy write down your thoughts

10 dance like no one is watching

11 meditate

12 look at your old photographs alone and see how far you have come and survived

13 start to write gratitude journal write 10 things which you are thankful for

14 go on walk play with your dog ,cat

15 read quotes positive quotes

16 make a plan to improve your health by starting to eat health

17 go cloud watching relax and just look at the sky drink your tea or coffee

19 Do mini - declutter clean your room when you tidy your room and look around you feel relaxed like as if you have cleaned some mess out of your life .

20 edit your social media feeds and take out any negative people . you can mute them . unplug for an hour from social media just sit calmly observe your surrounding .