Zeus, art, and sculpture image magic, power, and blue image sky, storm, and clouds image Image removed
King of the gods. God of sky and lightning


peacock image Temporarily removed gold, makeup, and eye image gold, art, and feather image
Queen of gods. Goddess of marriage and family


poseidon, aesthetic, and god image greek, mythology, and greek gods image Temporarily removed poseidon, percy jackson, and blue image
God of sea and earthqurack


aesthetic, pomegranate, and hades image dog, doberman, and black image greek, hades, and mythology image aesthetic, dark, and red image
King of the uderworld, god of hell and dead


aphrodite, greek, and mythology image aphrodite, greek, and mythology image alternative, aphrodite, and greek image Swan, aesthetic, and water image
Goddess of love and beauty


weapon, grey, and greyscale image Image removed red, fire, and people image aesthetic and greek mythology image
God of war and fury


rome, italy, and travel image owl, white, and animal image bright, fantasy, and shine image knife, aesthetic, and fantasy image
Goddess of wisdom and war strategy


Temporarily removed boy, tattoo, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
God of wine and madness


Mature image beauty image animal, deer, and bambi image moon and art image
Goddess of moon, nature and hunt


blond, body, and guy image sky image apollo, greek, and mythology image gold, aesthetic, and harp image
God of sun, light and art


Temporarily removed architecture, aesthetic, and greek image aesthetic and hair image wood, basket, and autumn image
Goddess of home


apple, autumn, and fall image hands, dirt, and dirty image greek, mythology, and harvest image Image by tenderlygirl
Goddess of cultivated lands and harvest


compass image Temporarily removed coin, aesthetic, and money image analog, architecture, and black image
God of wind, travel, and thief


flowers, vintage, and tumblr image Image by the Authoress Temporarily removed flowers, sunset, and sky image
Queen of the underworld, goddess of spring


Temporarily removed fire, art, and statue image clouds, hands, and magic image boy, fire, and Hot image
God of Metalworking and craft


Temporarily removed pink, carousel, and horse image Temporarily removed pastel, candle, and pretty image
Goddess of youth


gold, makeup, and aesthetic image harry potter image gold and money image Abusive image
Goddess of victory