when i was still in college as an art student we had many projects. most of these projects would take the place of a test or quiz. lucky for me i had a few great friends who would lend a hand when i needed it. one of my favorite projects was my senior final. i finally got to be in control of a project and really show my own style and skill. i was the only photographer in my class so i was really able to shine. my project was based around people who have tattoos, but more specifically the meaning behind the work and why people would mark their bodies. i myself have many tattoos so this was a project close to my heart. i know many people with tattoos and they know many people with tattoos so finding models was easy and a lot of fun. some of my favorite shots came from a quick shoot i did with my bff Abbie. she has been by my side through it all and has modeled for me on many occasions, so this was nothing new for us.

the cover image and below are some of my favorite shots from that day.

brick wall, girls with tattoos, and brick image brick, fashion, and photography image

some day soon i am hoping to do a second part to this shoot. she has way more tattoos now and i think we can get some more great shots!

to see more from this shoot and others, go check out my flickr page!