Hello every one!!!This is my first article.I am trying to express myself better and discovering the real me so LET'S GET STARTED...

airplane, far away, and quotes image travel, gold, and airplane image travel, sky, and city image Temporarily removed
1- traveling it's my dream i really want to travel around the world and leave everything behind
ice cream, food, and chocolate image pizza image Temporarily removed delicious, food, and food porn image
2- Food Everyone loves eating .Right???
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3- Jewelries I love every shiny thing specially earrings
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4- Decorating I love making DIYs and redoing my room
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5- nights I enjoy staying awake tll sun rise
aesthetic and minimal image aesthetic, minimal, and minimalism image flowers, pastel, and pink image pastel, purple, and grunge image
6- Colors Pastel and neutral colors are my favorites
Image removed Temporarily removed nature and photography image mountains, nature, and travel image
7- Winter rain, snow, clouds, fog...
Temporarily removed april, art, and arts image piano, music, and aesthetic image biblioteca, books, and braid image
8- Art it helps me express my feelings
joy, kpop, and red velvet image bigbang, daesung, and taeyang image bts, jimin, and jungkook image blackjack, exo, and friendship image
9- K_pop I have been a fan since 2O14_ 2013 I am A.R.M.Y , VIP ....
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10- Sleeping and Netflix escape from the outside world


see u soon XOXOXO