a list of some things i hope to do this summer! not my idea, i've seen some lovely people doing this on here.

no 1. go to festivals

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i have at least one, hopefully two and possibly three music festivals coming up!

no 2. learn how to drive + go on a roadrip

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my dad is going to teach me how to drive in the convertible he bought for me, i'm scared but excited!

no 3. pull an all-nighter

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staying up all night in the summer is incredible in finland because the sun never actually goes down!

no 4. go swimming + get new swimwear

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no 5. buy new clothes and feel amazing in them

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i have so many ideas and so much inspiration for summer outfits, if only i had money...

no 6. have many parties with friends

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summer parties are the best parties.

no 7. make a bomb-ass playlist

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i adore listening to my old playlists, because they remind me of the things i was living through when i originally made them.

no 8. collect memories

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mental and physical!

no 9. (hopefully) find and decorate an apartment

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if i get into university i'm going to get to move out. fingers crossed!

no 10. have ice cream from a kiosk

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i don't know if it's only a Finnish thing but in the summer cities put up these ice cream kiosks and i swear ice cream tastes a hundred times better when you buy it from one of those!

no 11. have a picnic

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i have a picnic tradition with a friend that lives some hours away from me, one of my favorite days of summer is always our picnic.

no 12. make new friends

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in real life or online! i don't have any weheartit friends yet, feel free to hit me up if you feel like it!

no 13. read (or listen to) more books

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i love reading, i just haven't done it as much as i'd like to lately and i hope to change that!

no 14. start doing yoga seriously

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i've been trying yoga out and really enjoyed it, i hope to really take it up in the summer. morning yoga on the porch in the morning sunlight would be perfection.

no 15. stargaze

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stars are one of my favorite things in the world! so beautiful and calming.

no 16. visit museums

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i adore going to museums, especially art museums!

no 17. roast marshmallows on a bonfire

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marshmallows are pretty much only good when they're roasted. bonfires themselves are just wonderful summer moments.

no 18. enjoy every moment!

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thanks for making it this far! this went on pretty long and honestly i could go on forever. can't wait for it to be summer!