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I think Winona is pretty much amazing in everything. I had a big crush on Christian Slater in this. It's like you know he's insane and you shouldn't but for some reason you can't help yourself.

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The Goonies

Basically, anytime I babysit kids I make them watch this movie and they always fall in love with it. There is just something about this movie that changes you when you're a kid. Every time I watch this movie I have the Cyndi Lauper song stuck in my head for days after. Crap, I just did it just thinking about it. Now I bet it's stuck in your head too. Oops.

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The most charming slacker of all time. This is such a feel good movie. Ferris is one of those people that if he sets his mind to it, he could literally get anything he wanted. I know of a person like this, I'm jealous that I am not like this. Oh, and a totally uncalled for musical number that is absolutely perfect. Also I like Ferris and Sloane in this movie. He has a girlfriend and it's obvious he cares for her, but I like that they didn't let the relationship overshadow other parts of the movie. Because honestly, most high school boys care more about their dude friends, and I think that's okay.

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The Breakfast Club

Not to sound like a snob but in a way, I hate that this movie has become so popular. And that's not to say that it wasn't popular when it first came out because it was. But our generation has given it a revival and made it even bigger. And when I say all this I mean, it's like when you find a song that you like so you show it to your friend and then they play it on repeat constantly and you get a little sick of it. It's like, not this again. But all that aside, I obviously still love this movie or I wouldn't have included it on the list. Plus, this movie deserves all the recognition it gets. It's that good. I think I'm Brian. Semi easy to push around and overly apologetic.

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Stand By Me

Quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. The first time I watched it, I remember the film ending and I just sat on my couch in silence watching all the credits go by. It was like I was stuck. There was sort of an eerie feeling to it for some reason. This movie began my obsession with River Phoenix.

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When Harry Met Sally

By this point, it kind of feels like we've beaten the rom-com genre into the ground. But this movie is the real o.g. In my younger days, I was into the romantic Nicholas Sparks type movies, but now when I want to watch something about love, I want to watch this. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I'm older now and I've come to realize love in real life doesn't usually play out like a Nicholas Sparks movie.

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St. Elmo's Fire

Underrated in my opinion. I am in love with Kevin in this, I think he is painfully adorable. I shipped him and Leslie so much. Plus, the scene with Wendy and Billy with the spanx, it makes me sad but at least it's a real moment. My dad knows I love this movie so he alerts me every time he sees that it's on tv. Also, if he's dropping me off somewhere he'll quote the "later, dude" scene to me. I have come to really understand Jules breakdown more now that I'm older. "I never thought I'd be this tired at 22." That line always hits me hard.