Hello my dear glossophiles! If you're one of those people who'd love to listen to more music in a language other than English or you're simply trying to discover something new, then you're (hopefully) reading (& listening to) the right post!
I've told myself, if my first article gets over 100 hearts I'll write a part 2 - so here I am and I'd like to thank you for all your likes&reactions! :)
In case you haven't seen the first article, here is the link bellow:

Once again, the songs won't be in any special order and in case you liked some of the artists in the previous post, I'll also add their new(ish) songs here :)

1. Molly Sandén - Utan Dig [Swedish]

molly sanden, youniverse, and melodifestivalen 2016 image Lyrics, texter, and molly sanden image
Utan dig (engl. Without you)

2. Younghearted - Tuu Mun Kaa [Finnish]

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Tuu mun kaa (engl. Come with me) https://open.spotify.com/user/teemu.bjorqvist/playlist/5me2j3Yx0HfJsFQ7iSLMzm

3. Page Four - Du Og Jeg [Danish]

band, jonas, and pelle image
Du og jeg (engl. You and I)

4. Dadju - Reine [French]

dadju, man, and wati b image amour, quote, and rap image
Reine (engl. Queen)

5. Unge Ferrari - Lianer [Norwegian]

norway, norwegian, and rapper image
Lianer (engl. Vines)

6. Mike Singer - Karma [German]

mike and singer image art, artist, and arts image

7. Burhan G - Søvnløs [Danish]

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Søvnløs (engl. Sleepless)

8. Mikael Gabriel X Isac Elliot - Maailman Laidalla [Finnish]

Image removed finnish, Lyrics, and MG image finland, finnish, and Lyrics image isacelliot image
Maailman laidalla (engl. On the edge of the world)

9. Nik & Jay - Frels Mig [Danish]

dane, denmark, and Hot image
Frels mig (engl. Save me)

10. RMK & Toppen - Oss [Swedish]

rmk & toppen image
Oss (engl. Us)

11. Suvi Teräsniska Feat. Mikael Gabriel - Samase [Finnish]

finland, finnish, and Lyrics image
Samase (engl. Whatever) https://open.spotify.com/album/0PfqLzyim5QVcPyRTFJJr4

12. Joey Moe - Eneste [Danish]

<3, danish, and singer image danish, dansk, and Lyrics image
Eneste (engl. Only one)

13. Morgan Sulele - Lakenet [Norwegian]

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Lakenet (engl. The sheets)

14. Major Lazer Feat. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar - Sua Cara [Portuguese]

africa, artist, and casual image Temporarily removed diplo, flawless, and make image major lazer, anitta, and sua cara image
Sua cara (engl. Your face)

15. Nora Istrefi - Majëm [Albanian]

fashion and girl image
Majëm (engl. Hold me)

16. Nevena Božović - Jasno Mi Je [Serbian]

nevena bozovic image
Jasno mi je (engl. It's clear to me)

17. Pete Parkkonen - Myyty [Finnish]

singer, finland, and finnish image
Myyty (engl. Sold)

18. Viktor Frisk - Allting Ordnar Sig [Swedish]

Image removed
Allting ordnar sig (engl. Everything is alright)

19. LEA - Leiser [German]

castle, nature, and travel image cloudy, girl, and landschaft image
Leiser (engl. Quieter)

20. LEO - Kaikki Mitä Rakastin [Finnish]

finland, finnish, and Leo image finnish, Leo, and suomi image
Kaikki mitä rakastin (engl. Everything that I loved)


21. Evelina - Sun Vika [Finnish]

Image removed finnish, Lyrics, and evelina image
Sun vika (engl. Your fault)

22. Medina - Skyttegrav [Danish]

beautiful, girl, and idol image
Skyttegrav (engl. Trench)

23. Gabrielle - Vekk Meg Opp [Norwegian]

gabrielle, norway, and hair image
Vekk meg opp (engl. Wake me up)

24. Maître Gims - Caméléon [French]

wati b, maître, and maitre gims image

25. JVG Feat. Vesala - Hombre [Finnish]

Image by Matilda Temporarily removed

26. Wincent Weiss - An Wunder [German]

Temporarily removed
An Wunder (engl. In Miracles)

27. Mikael Gabriel - Pimeyteen [Finnish]

Image removed mikaelgabriel, masennus, and pimeyteen image
Pimeyteen (engl. Into the darkness)

28. Gulddreng - Lyvesangen [Danish]

danish, dansk, and singer image
Lyvesangen (engl. The lie song)

29. Reino Nordin - Ytimeen [Finnish]

singer, finland, and finnish image
Ytimeen (engl. To the core)

30. Mikko Harju - Aikaa On Jäljellä [Finnish]

finnish, Lyrics, and suomi image
artist, boy, and friend image finland, finnish, and Lyrics image
Aikaa on jäljellä (engl. There's time left)