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Ok. People forget that self-care is super important. The ones that make it in University are usually the ones that feel confident.
Meaning they are confident enough to make friends, confident enough to participate in class and confident enough to ask questions.
Well, I'm not.
I have a weird anxiety in University and I'm sure I'm not the only one. There are some people that I have never seen with other people and it's sad because they usually run from one class to the other and are nowhere to be seen during Lunch Break while everyone is hanging out in the cafeteria. I mean, if you don't want to make friends it's fine. You don't have to. But having at least one Person per class who is your mate, that can help you out when you don't understand something or might form a study group together later is kind of essential for survival.

1. Be comfortable

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This one is really really important.
If you're not comfortable you won't concentrate on class.
And with comfortable I mean wear that favorite slouchy sweater with mom jeans! Wear a dress if that makes you comfortable! There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in class or in University in general. Sometimes the urge of running out of class might really be because you're not comfortable and sometimes it can be as easy as switching some super skinny jeans with some mom jeans.
(Of course, if super skinny jeans make you feel better than mom jeans than wearing those).

2. Take care of yourself.

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Have an emergency kid. Lipbalm, Deodorant, Handcreme, Gum, Water, little snacks.
This is a huge one.
I remember how in Elementary the break was perfectly planned and never felt too long or too short (well sometimes maybe).
However, in University this is not the case (on some days)
I, for example, have 3 two-hour classes on Tuesday with only 15 Minute breaks in between them which I use on going from one building to the other.
Therefore I don't have time to go and get lunch.
So have snacks in your bag, mentos, gum or at least water!
You might not be able to follow class because of hunger.

3. F the comfort zone

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I know, I know.
In tip 1 I told you to be comfortable.
Forget about least when it comes to dealing with people in the class.
Sometimes you really have to hold your head high. Clear your throat. Sit straight, raise your hand and just answer the damn teacher.
That was my original plan when I started University.
I wanted to participate as often as I could, but after witnessing that participation is something that only 10% of students do, I started acting like I didn't care, while the answers were stirring in my insides.
And of course F the comfort zone when talking to people.
There is a shit tone of people in my classes who are hella shy! If you just make the first step into talking to the one sitting next to you (again with a high head, clear throat, straight position and a strong non-trembling-voice) you can make a friend!
And think about it, what is the worst thing that they can do? Bite your head off?
Ask your professor! If it helps, just look at your professor while talking or if you're too scared to ask, ask them after the class or during office hours. But please ask!

4.Drop it

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Not functioning is okay too.
If your class is a social AND academic obstacle that you can't overcome you should think about dropping the class and dropping a class is not the end of the world. In fact, you're being really smart about the fact that it is not working for you and that you don't want to keep wasting your time trying.
You should reward yourself with a course that you want to take solely because you're interested in it. (Drop that statistics class for the art class for a fresh breath of air lol (and then go back to it in the next semester if it's required for your studies))

University can be a social obstacle rather than an academical one.
Just know that you are not alone and that there are million other kids walking around campus wanting to have someone they can talk to. And class does not have to be (socially seen) scary. It's just a bunch of kids sitting in a room with a bigger kid stand in front of you. Nothing to be worried about!
But if you are calm and don't feel the urge to talk to anyone because you don't need people that's okay too! (Just do tip 1 and 2).
Thank yours for reading and good luck!

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