hey babes!

how are y'all doing today?

I know it's been quite a while, but I didn't want to post much with this new update.

I especially didn't want to post any articles.

but I'm back since it's been too long!

anyways, today's article will be the second part of "reasons to be happy"

I hope y'all like it!



I love writing, I mean I'm kinda doing it right now! It's so peaceful and calming, and you take yourself somewhere with it.

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fireworks are so much fun to watch with all of the different colors combined together.

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the smell of your favorite food

this is the best because you know it's gonna be gone in the first five minutes, or maybe it's just me.

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another activity that is so peaceful.

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sometimes they can get a bit scary, but most of the time I love laying in my room listening to the rain.

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getting new clothes

the excitement of thinking of wearing them the next few days! shopping is the best honestly.

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sitting in the sun

not necessarily tanning, but when you're just outside lounging around in the perfect weather.

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visiting a new city

going to a different city, heck even a new country is just so incredible, I can't even find the right words.

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trying new foods

I admit it can be scary and weird at first, but then you got to think that it's just food and you'll probably like it.

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going on adventures

day adventures, night adventures, anything.

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I hope y'all enjoyed!

there's still lots more to come, so don't think this was it.

check out part one!

feel free to message me.

xoxo, olivia