I guess we all have ups and down, and not always have somebody to push us or we are not feeling good so we can't think positive.

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If you never try how can you know it won't go well ?

Well you're here, alive, breathing for a reason, you're born to archive something. Just keep searching for it, if you think you found it keep fighting for it.

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That moment you won't look back and be worry about what can be the consequences, your only worry will be when can you archive it

You are your only limit.

You are the first thing you need to love, to appreciate, you are you and by that I mean you can do it. If you believe you do then nobody will be able to stop you.

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Take care of yourself and follow how you feel, don't put people before you if it will have a bad influence/ bad consequences on you.
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You are your only limit

Quotes are good and reading them make me thing that will need to talk to interact in ordor to actuallly feel better. Even if we are feelling well, it never hurts to talk.

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The way you take doesn't reflects the destination.

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I think that even people who like to be lonely need to talk sometimes, or even write to yourself.

Find something that makes you happy and make it easy to see so when you're not feeling good you will see it and not go to the overthinking or sadness way.

Remember that you're amazing and that whatever goal you set yourself you can archive it as long as you believe you can.

And don't forgot

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