Hey, cuties!On today's article, I will share with you my hair experience and some tips on how to recover and grow your hair.

My Hair Experience | Unicorn Hair
I had pastel colored hair not a while ago but I had to go back to my natural hair shade since my hair was really damaged from bleaching.I have to mention that I have really thin and sensitive hair and it gets damaged really easy even from heat.So with all that said, I bleached my whole hair from deep brown to platinum blonde so as to create a nice base for the pastel shades.Then I dyed my hair different colors such as purple, pink, light blue for about a year.I bleached my hair 3 times in that period.
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Schwarzkopf Igora Pearlescence 9.5-43 Pastel Mint
Bleaching caused a huge damage to my hair to the point that it became really fragile and started breaking really easy.It became really dry and lost its shine as well.Now I am trying to go back to my natural hair color and focusing on restoring the caused damage.
I am not regretting my decision and I already knew that this will happen to my hair.Just keep in mind that the damage from bleaching your hair is inevitable so you have to take a lot of care after.
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Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Pearlescence 9.5-29 Pastel Lavender
How to recover your damaged hair | Tips
➵Healthy Lifestyle
If you want to start from somewhere, start by taking a good care of yourself.Drink a lot of water(2L per day) and keep a healthy diet.Your hair needs certain vitamins and hydration so as to grow strong and shiny.
Cut your hair often(at least once every 2 months).I know that sounds crazy but if you have really damaged hair, trimming your hair will help it grow faster and look healthier.
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➵Shampoo → Mask → Conditioner
That's a tip that a hairstylist gave me.So it seems, that the right order is to use your mask before conditioner.This way the conditioner will lock all the nursing ingredients of your hair mask into your hair.I suppose I was doing everything wrong for the past 20 years, yay me!
➵No Heat
I know that this is so basic but still hard to do.Not using heat on your hair is such a struggle, trust me I know.Try to avoid using heat as much as you can.Also, don't forget to use heat-protecting products before heat so as to reduce the damage.
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I will be honest with you, I don't like how my natural hair looks like so hairstyles are life-savers.I know that some hairstyles look kinda tricky but all you have to do is practice.For example, practice french braiding your hair at night.This way you will wake up with beautiful natural curls in the morning plus a little better at braiding your hair.
➵Be Gentle
Be gentle while you are brushing your hair.Start brushing it from the ends so as to untangle it smoothly.Also, don't squeeze your hair after the shower, just dump it softly with a towel.
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➵Hair Products
Try to find hair products that will suit your hair.It is important to use a hair mask once a week if you don't have really damaged hair or every time you shower if your hair is really fragile and damaged.You can also use a hair oil after the shower to give some shine to your hair.
Personal Favorite Hair Mask: L'OREAL ELVIVE COLOR-VIVE
Personal Favorite Hair Oil: L'OREAL ELVIVE Extraordinary OIL

That's all for today's article.I am missing my colorful hair so badly and I am even thinking to dye them again in the future.It's not a healthy process for your hair but if you are ready for the consequences and you truly want it, go for it.I hope that you found this article helpful in some way.Feel free to send me a message or a postcard.See ya soon xixixi



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