disclaimer: these musicians are underrated in my country (the netherlands) i dont know if they are in different countries.


artist, singer, and naaz image grunge, indie, and inspiring image

my top three songs;
- Can't
- Sadboy
- Loving Love

Two Feet

song, music, and two feet image black, drowning, and music image

my top three songs;
- Had Some Drinks
- Love Is a B*tch
- I Feel Like Im Drowning


Image by naomi Image by naomi

my top three songs;
- Lambo
- Sideways
- Tonight You're Mine

Sebastian Olzanski

sebastian olzanski image sebastian olzanski image

my top three songs;
- Summer 16
- Have You Ever Been
- All Day


youtube and eenhoornjoost image Image removed

my top three songs;
- B*tches
- Zelfgemaakt
- Scandinavian Boy


crush, falling, and him image Lyrics and mxmtoon image

- falling for u
- cliche
- please don't

y'all really need to stop sleeping on these people, they deserve to get hella fans and stuff, so go listen to them! <3