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I haven't made a Harry Potter or Hogwarts related article in ages, and I honestly missed writing about it so much. I can't even believe I just stopped making them? So, here I am, the Slytherin enthusiast.

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I've always been interested in astrology, and now I thought why not combine it with my crazy obsession for the wizarding world, right? I hope you'll like this one!

Here are the twelve zodiac signs as gryffindor students.

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1 | aries

March 21st until April 19th

The Gryffindor Aries is extremely idealistic. They will fight hard for many causes, and are born to be leaders. They’re often an open book to others. They love displaying their uncanny charisma and are very popular.

2 | taurus

April 20th until May 20th

The Gryffindor Taurus is pragmatic. But if they’re pushed hard enough, they will exhibit a volcanic temper. They’re exceptionally loyal to their friends.

3 | gemini

May 21st until June 20th

The Gryffindor Gemini has a lot of energy. They love debating and getting into trouble. But don’t misunderstand, they’re also the typical romantic dreamers.

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4 | cancer

June 21st until July 22nd

The Gryffindor Cancer is extremely loyal to their House. Honestly, they’re a friend for life. They’re sentimental and dream of high achievements.

5 | leo

July 23rd until August 22nd

The Gryffindor Leo is outgoing, friendly and affectionate. They make friends easily, but can often be bossy and dramatic. They have sharp tempers, and need to learn to use it as something good. They own a natural creativity.

6 | virgo

August 23rd until September 22nd

The Gryffindor Virgo is hardworking. They’re bright and have an amazing imagination. They love daydreaming, but they also know it's important to stay in reality.

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7 | libra

September 23rd until October 22nd

The Gryffindor Libra likes to weigh all options before acting. They have an obsession with justice. They’re outspoken and strong.

8 | scorpio

October 23rd until November 21st

The Gryffindor Scorpio has an incredible courage. They often have intense and stormy emotions. They’re either a leader or a loner. They own a personal energy that can bring them far.

9 | sagittarius

November 22nd until December 21st

The Gryffindor Sagittarius is intelligent and full of good humor. They have hot tempers which can often bring them into trouble. They’re extraverts and like to be around people.

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10 | capricorn

December 22nd until January 19th

The Gryffndor Capricorn will not act first and then think, like most Gryffindors would. They like making preparations. They’re extremely reliable and hardworking. They often have hidden dreams and ambitions.

11 | aquarius

January 20th until February 18th

The Gryffindor Aquarius is an intellectual rebel and loves sharing his/her opinion. They’re bad at dealing with crisis situations. They’re talented, but don’t always use it for the greater good. On the other hand, they like making a better life for themselves and others.

12 | pisces

February 19th until March 20th

The Gryffindor Pisces is deeply compassionate and full of emotional strength. They’re good at giving advice. They’re often daydreamers.

♥ | the end

The zodiac signs that got more explanation than the others, are the ones that just fit best with the Gryffindor house. But, of course that doesn't mean the other ones don't go together with the traits of the brave. Because that's one of the reasons why I made this article, to show that it's not about what characteristics you own but about what characteristics you value.

I don't know how long I'll take to make this for the other three houses, but know that it's coming!

Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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