A few years ago I started to embrace my curly/wavy hair again and I'm so glad I did. My curl/wave pattern is probably 2c and 3a. This is my hair routine.

curls, curly hair, and natural image
I really need a haircut, but I'm great at procrastinating.
  • I start by combing my hair. I do this in the shower, when it's wet and I comb starting at the bottom. Then I wash my hair using the Kokos Boost shampoo from Andrélon. It doesn't contain silicones, but it has sulphates.
  • Depending on how much time I've got I either use the Andrélon Kokos Boost conditioner or the Kokos Boost hair mask (both no silicones or sulphates). I use just the shower head to rinse it out with warm (not hot) water. I use my comb or fingers to comb my hair.
  • I put leave in conditioner in my hair. I use the one from Cantu; before I used Shea Moisture, but I ran out of the Shea Moisture one and it's quite expensive.
  • I put a curl gel in my hair. I found one that doesn't make my hair all crunchy, but it does smell kind of like alcohol, so I'm not really happy with that one.
  • I put oil in my hair. I use argan oil from OGX. This one does contain silicones.
  • After I'm done putting product in my hair, I scrunch my hair (with a t-shirt) and let my hair dry in a t-shirt using the plopping method.
  • I do my makeup and because of the plopping method, I get no wet hair in my face. After I'm done with my makeup and/or breakfast, I let my hair air dry.
  • When it's about 80% dry, I blow-dry my hair with a diffuser on the (cold / medium / hot) setting.
  • Depending on how I'd like my hair, I either put foam, more styling gel or nothing in.